Reno Walmarts Remove Toys for Tots Bins

Another Walmart controversy surrounding the Toys for Tots campaign has erupted in Nevada. Walmart stores in the Reno/Sparks area have removed the bins for Toys for Tots in their area stores. The Marine Corps League couldn’t get a straight answer from Walmart Corporate about the problem.

After a Medina, Ohio Walmart put a stop to Marines standing inside in the cold weather, this one is even worse.

reno walmarts remove

Toys for Tots boxes

According to KTVN,

…”The group said it had donation boxes set up at area Walmart locations but has now learned that Walmart has removed those boxes. A representative for the group says they have not yet been able to get a clear answer from the stores as to why the boxes were removed but one store official told them the donation boxes go against Walmart’s no soliciting policy…

In the Carson City and Minden areas, two of three Walmart’s have allowed the Carson group to place donation boxes at their stores. The group says managers at the Topsy Lane location told them they were instructed by Walmart’s corporate office not to allow the donation bins because Walmart as a corporation was only allowing donations to be made to the Children’s Miracle Network. The group did say, however, Walmart was allowing them to have Marines stand outside the locations to collect toys on certain days.”

Bottom Line

Walmart’s insistence on following the “rules” is beginning to make us wonder about a deeper agenda. The Toys for Tots campaign in the Reno/Sparks area gave out 46,600 toys last year.

Are they receiving pressure from an outside group?

Who is running this company now? Doug McMillon, who took over the reins of Walmart last year.  What is the underlying message and why is it aimed at the Marine Corps, or needy children who may not receive anything for Christmas?

This is blatant disrespect not only for Marines and the Toy program, but of the children who hope for the toys so graciously given by the citizens of America. This policy needs to change and change now.


I have a suggestion: send Mr. McMillon letters. Flood his corporate mailbox with letters explaining why this is a slap in the face to our veterans and the children they so generously want to help. No threats, don’t be nasty, just make the case for adjustment of their policy.

Doug McMillon, CEO, Walmart Stores, 702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72716.