Renewable Energy – Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Faye Higbee

In July, Texas had another heatwave that taxed its renewable energy windmills to the max. Why? Because during high pressure, the winds don’t blow. And when it’s excessively hot outside, people need their air conditioners. Then there’s the solar panels issue – if the sun doesn’t shine… then what? Not to mention that China pretty much runs that solar panel game. Having dependence on fickle Mother Nature or China is a toss up and neither is the best source of power. One perfect example is Texas.

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Wind and solar power generation in Texas was much lower than its potential during this month’s heatwave due to weather patterns, straining the Texas power grid at times of record demand.  As Texans crank up air conditioners in the scorching heat, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has asked residents a few times since May to voluntarily conserve energy during peak demand hours in the afternoons and evenings.   

But just when Texas needed the most of all its power generation supply, wind and solar power output was well below capacity due to a lack of wind in the high-pressure weather system and cloud cover over much of West Texas. These issues with wind and solar electricity generation highlighted, once again, the dependability of clean energy sources on the whims of weather and the unreliability of consistently dispatching large amounts of power to the grid when consumption hits records… 

Wind power generation in Texas—America’s number-one wind power state—slumped during the heatwave that began on July 11, as wind speeds typically plunge during hot, high-pressure systems where the air above stifles winds. So the wind turbines in Texas were generating just 8% of their capacity. Meanwhile, power demand was at a record high…

On July 13, the date of the latest ERCOT call for energy conservation, the percent of dispatchable energy installed on the tightest hour was at 84%, while solar power was at 68%. Wind was at only 12% at the day’s tightest hour, per ERCOT data cited by ABC News

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Screenshot of Texas solar panels via KHOU video

In all of that, Texas is leading the nation in renewable energy, with 24.6% of their energy coming from wind, solar and storage facilities. Yet it still isn’t enough. Renewable energy tends to fail just when it is needed the most. Another issue is moving the energy from one place to another (khou) – transmission of the energy is something parts of the state are still working on. And that’s just Texas. They have both wind and sunshine. Other parts of the country…not so much.

Pacific Northwest

With Washington state’s leftist governor trying to destroy the dams to save a fish that is endangered because of gill nets (not dams) the energy crisis is real, just not for the reasons Democrats tell you. The hillsides in Washington State are littered with windmills but they only provide a small portion of the power needed. Dams provide the necessary power for farms, but are targeted for destruction by the “powers that be.” The real crisis is the radical left.

Radical Democrats want us in the stone age, but it’s doubtful any of them would ever hook up to a team of oxen to plow a field. They would be happy to see us disappear. The feeling is mutual.


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