Remember the UN Arms Trade Treaty? 36 Senators Demand Biden Explain Whether He Plans to Sign It

arms trade treaty

The UN Arms Trade Treaty has been hanging around the edges of US politics for a long time. The treaty itself would give the United Nations power to control our firearms and would destroy the Second Amendment. 36 Senators penned a letter to Biden on September 28 demanding to know where he stands, since he’s thoughtlessly destroyed all of Trump’s accomplishments – one of which was notifying the UN that we no longer want to be a part of the treaty. In effect, Trump “unsigned” it, although the act was largely symbolic, since the Senate has to ratify any treaties. You can read an overview of the treaty here. Like the mantra of all good gun control advocates, it purports to make people ”safer.”

arms trade treaty

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U.S. Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Roger Marshall, M.D. (R-Kan.) led 34 of their Senate colleagues in requesting clarification on the Biden administration’s intention to open U.S. Second Amendment rights to international oversight by rejoining the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an international agreement that would regulate trade in firearms, infringing on Americans’ Constitutional rights.

“It is unacceptable for the Second Amendment rights of Americans to be infringed on or controlled by foreign nations,” said Sen. Moran. “I rejected attempts by the Obama administration to subject law-abiding Americans to the United Nations’ ambiguous arms deals, and under the Biden administration, I will actively oppose an international organization attempting to exert control over the Constitutional rights of private citizens.”

“The Biden Administration’s botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in tens of millions of dollars of firearms gifted to the Taliban. Yet, instead of focusing on preventing further transfer of firearms to international terrorist groups due to gross negligence, the Administration is voicing its intent to jeopardize Americans’ right to bear arms by allowing our 2nd Amendment rights to be controlled by foreign nations,” said Sen. Marshall. “Joining the ATT would be an unacceptable move by an already crisis-ridden Administration, and previous attempts failed the Senate with a bipartisan majority during the Obama era. President Biden must provide Congress clarification on whether or not he plans to subject our Constitutional rights to international intrusion.”

Senator Jerry Moran website

As Cam Edwards from Bearing Arms noted, Obama signed the treaty, but it never made it through the Senate for ratification. A two-thirds vote of the Senate is required to ratify any treaty, so 36 members voting against it would possibly prevent the ratification. 2/3 of the Senate would be approximately 66 members. It’s not a filibuster issue either- it’s in the Constitution, so unless the Democrats think they can get an amendment to that document through, it’s not likely to happen. But if we know anything about Biden, we know he could care less about the Second Amendment. He cares more about ice cream than the American people.

Hopefully, Biden’s handlers aren’t stupid enough to try to shove the UN Arms Trade Treaty through.


Featured photo: screenshot of Joe Biden.

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