Refusing to Stand for the National Anthem- Ungrateful Americans

People apparently don’t think respect for America matters – since liberals, reporters, and Muslims are shown not standing during the playing of the national anthem. From sheer laziness to outright contempt, people don’t seem to give a fig for America. They are ungrateful Americans- and it is rampant across the nation.

Liberal reporters

One example was during the Democrat Debates, when most of the room full of reporters refused to stand.


Reporters ignore the national anthem at the Democratic Debate – photo via LifeZett

You all  remember this picture of a reporter texting during the anthem – she refused to apologize.


Washington Post Reporter Helena Andrews texts during the National Anthem – photo via TheHill

Ungrateful citizens

A woman who went to a local basketball game in Florida sat on her butt and didn’t budge during the anthem.

national anthem

A woman in Florida refuses to stand for the national anthem – photo via facebook

An NBA player who is Muslim refused to stand – and exhibited a sour expression on his face as well.


Dion Waiters, a Muslim NBA player can’t stand with his team for the national anthem. Photo via trendolizer


The thing these liberals -both black and white- do not seem to see is that it is AMERICA that has given them all that they have now.  As far as Muslims go, if they live here they need to be loyal to this nation- but few are because Islam wants dominance and subjugation.

The number of ungrateful people in America is growing, and is a direct result of the leadership of this nation and the liberal media complex. Always complaining, always showing contempt, never being thankful for anything…these are the things that ultimately destroy a nation.

A grateful heart is a happy one. A happy heart has great power over fear, anger, disease, and worries over the future. Positive outlook is important. The refusal to stand for our National Anthem is a symptom of a greater problem – an ungrateful population.