Refuge Occupiers Ambushed by the Feds?

Faye Higbee

Refuge Occupiers Ambushed by the Feds?

Did the Feds ambush Ammon Bundy and friends on their way to the meeting in John Day? It appears so. Did they do it because Oregon’s governor pressured them to act? There is no doubt. Did they just shoot 3 times at someone charging them? Maybe not. But mistakes were made.

Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum is dead. Pete Santilli is under arrest, as is Jon Ritzheimer, though separately from last night’s incident. Five were arrested, including Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, and Shawna Cox in last night’s incident. Joseph O’Shaunghnessy was arrested separately.

refuge occupiers ambushed

Twitter photo of the roadblock last night

Fatal encounter

The car in which Mr. Finicum was riding was completely riddled with bullet holes, according to Victoria Sharp who was riding in the car with him and the others. Standard media are reporting only 3 shots were fired, and that he charged police. That may not be the case.

But he did make a huge mistake- while surrounded with police vehicles, he took off toward the meeting in John Day, ostensibly to “talk to the Sheriff,” who was scheduled to be in attendance. That was considered “evading the roadblock.” When the car crashed into the snowbank, he literally shouted at police to shoot him…they did. He was not armed at the time, according to the witness.

She stated that Law Enforcement shot at the vehicle numerous times while women and others were lying on the floorboards. Ryan Bundy was hit with a piece of shrapnel, according to witnesses.

Pressure from the governor

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown demanded that the situation ‘must cease this week,’ which put enormous pressure on the FBI to end the standoff. Today she is calling for  a “swift and peaceful end” to the occupation of the refuge. A little too late for a “peaceful end.”

Is it over?

A New York Times reporter who is on the ground in Oregon tweeted that the people left at the refuge do not insist on staying.

A definite ambush

Two different perspectives on what occurred last night leaves questions on what the feds actually did.  It appears that it was most definitely an ambush from the forest.

This is a video posted to Facebook by Mark McConnell, who says he was driving the car for Ammon Bundy on the way to the meeting in John Day, Oregon last night. Listen carefully to his calm demeanor and understand that he noticed a huge law enforcement presence in the forest on the way to John Day, just prior to the unfolding of the stop.

Here’s the video of what happened.

Posted by Mark McConnell on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Horrific Scene Described by a Witness

A different perspective was posted by an eye witness who says the Feds /police were shooting multiple rounds at their car. Victoria Sharp reports that none of the militia members touched their guns, and said that Mr. Finicum was NOT charging at the police, but had his hands up. She stated there was no “shootout.”

Jon Ritzheimer arrested:

Jon Ritzheimer turned himself in to authorities in Peoria, Arizona last night. This is the video of his appearance in Arizona. Federal authorities have been looking for him for some time.


Ambush? Absolutely. The descriptions of the number of law enforcement vehicle and their placement tells anyone that it was a well planned ambush. Police stated that “all non-compliant people would be arrested” and closed off the highway.

This maneuver was a while in the works, but the pressure to do it came straight from the Governor of Oregon. We all knew that this incident might end badly, and it did. Keep the families and the people involved in your hearts, as this shakes down into a cluster.