A Really Bad Day – Drug Addict Flees Ambulance, Shot Dead by Homeowner

By Thomas E. Cheever, P.E.

Don’t Do Drugs!! You just might end up shot dead. A drug addict recently became one of those statistics.

In Havana, Florida, a suburb of Tallahassee, Jarod Clemons took a drug called Molly. It is safe to say, Jarod Clemons is not a smart man.  But he knew enough to know he needed help.  Having a bad reaction to the drug, he found his way to the police department seeking help.

Jarod Clemons- police mugshot. He is deceased

Helpful Police

Havana Police Chief Tracy Smith says when Clemons walked into the police station he was sweating profusely, yelling and acting erratically, and taking off some of his clothes. Chief Smith said,

“Officers responded to the police department when they got here they observed a subject that was sweating profusely and had taken off some of his clothing. They immediately asked what his problem was he advised that he taken some bad molly and that he needed an ambulance. He said he felt like his heart was going to explode and he needed an ambulance immediately.”

An ambulance was called to the police station to transport Clemons to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.

During the time Clemons was with Havana police, Clemons told said he had tried to get help earlier on 10th Avenue and left a gun in a church.

Once Clemons was enroute to the hospital, Havana Police began investigating Clemons activities on 10th avenue. A woman on 10th Avenue, not at a church, said Clemons knocked on her door. After searching her porch police found a handgun which was later discovered to be a stolen gun from Tallahassee.

But Wait, There’s More…….

Evidently not satisfied with the ambulance service, the police report said Clemons became agitated, demanding to be released. Clemons assaulted the EMT, but the driver was able to get the vehicle stopped. That was when Clemons jumped out and ran away from the ambulance.

Fleeing into the nearby neighborhood, Clemons began trying to break into homes.

Molly use on the rise

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital ER doctor Murray Baker has seem an increase in Molly overdose cases. Doctor Murray says,

“I really had never even heard of it a couple year ago. Now we’re seeing it on a nightly basis.”

The party drug ecstasy is synthetic and in the laboratory is known as MDMA, short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Ecstasy is often cut with other drugs. Molly, experts say, contains all MDMA in a crystalline powder usually contained in a capsule.  Basically, it’s a concentrated form of ecstasy. According to Doctor Murray,

“Somebody who comes in on Molly is actively psychotic. They’re usually very combative. They have to be chemically and physically restrained. They think people are after them, out to get them.”

Bad Day Gets Worse…

Clemons will never get another chance to ‘Just Say No!’.  Using a 50 pound potted plant to smash the glass in the front door, Clemons found himself breaking into a retired police officer’s home who asked not to be identified.

The retired officer’s wife said,

“When we got up and looked, there was a man standing in our house, outside of our bedroom. He was shouting, ‘I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you!'”

The wife grabbed the phone, the husband/retired officer grabbed his gun. He said,

“I shot one time, hitting the suspect. He exited out of our front door.”

Clemons died from the gunshot wound he suffered from the homeowner and 2nd amendment advocate.

Good advice

If you know someone that’s currently using Molly, get them help. Doctor Murray says,

“Not everybody experiences the bad side of Molly. It just takes that one time getting the wrong batch, wrong pill and you can wind up dead.”

For Jarod Clemons, Dr. Murray’s advice comes a little late.