Radical Muslim Prof Still Teaching – While Under Investigation

By Faye Higbee

Radical Muslim Prof Still Teaching – While Under Investigation

Julio Pino is an Associate History Professor at Kent State University in Ohio. He is also under investigation by the FBI for possible ties to ISIS. Yet he will be teaching two classes this semester – the question is why?

 radical muslim prof

Julio Pino as he teaches- Twitter Photo

Islamist views

Pino, who is from Cuba,  has been teaching at Kent state since 1992 and converted to Islam in 2000. The FBI’s investigation has been ongoing for about a year and half.  He claims his jihadist views are just “free speech,” yet he has been investigated before.

KentWired, a University  student publication, broke the news, but the school itself did not give any comments.  The FBI reportedly told the school that there was no threat to the  students. They have spoken to about 20 students and faculty so far. Pino himself has denied any connections to ISIS, and states that he has done nothing wrong and broken no laws. 

One student stated that this prof has been a “black eye” to the University for years. Another hoped that this time Kent State would fire him.


Disturbing Posts

Pino’s Facebook page and Social media accounts are troubling. the Clarion Project, a New York based research institute, tracked many documents and posts that declare his anti-Semitic views and jihadist thoughts. 

“Sheik Osama (May Allah be Pleased with Him) was the greatest, and desrves (sic) praise for kicking off this jihad. However, the organization he left behind is not the same AQ he founded. The brave warriors of AQAP and the Nusraf Jabbat should join #IslamicState.”

Apparently this so called professor is not good at spelling either.”Desrves” ?????

While some of his posts are clearly sick jokes, others are rancidly hateful to America and everything we stand for. The stupid part comes as Kent State keeps him around, fully knowing what he is…a jihadist filled with hate.