Radical Leftists Harass Sen Ted Cruz and Wife at Restaurant

ted cruz

Yesterday, a DC radical leftist group harassed Sen Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi as they were dining at a DC restaurant, according to the Daily Wire. The harassment and subsequent disruption to the restaurant’s business caused them to leave. They posted the harassment from an Antifa account called “SmashRacismDC.”

One of the loud-mouthed fools told him that Cruz’s Democrat challenger, Beto O’Rourke, is “hotter than you.” O’Rourke is a left wing candidate that was even booed at the last debate. He is the anti-gun, open border candidate in the Red State of Texas.

Question:  how will we respond to these constant attacks – and yes, that’s what they are, attacks. Senator Cruz was gracious at first and simply  said “God bless you” as he moved toward the door and someone gave him the finger. (Classy, right?) But when they blocked his wife…he stepped up his response a bit and told them to let her through.

Antifa goon confronts Senator Cruz- screenshot

Bless his heart, he held it together calmly while these so-called “activists” were screaming “We believe survivors” in his face. They thought it was great that they forced Senator Cruz and his wife out of the restaurant. Thought they won the battle. But karma has their names on a list…

My other question is, when will these restaurants get some security that can a) keep out the activists, or b) throw them out on their collective butts. The restaurant appears to be an upper class establishment. Allowing the riff-raff in was stupid. The video appears to show a restaurant staff member unlocking the emergency exit so they could leave.

Senator Cruz has not tweeted any response to the Antifa post. His deep Christian faith is probably what kept him from responding in kind to the goons that accosted him and Heidi. When our officials can’t even eat in peace, there is a problem. Maxine Waters is partly to blame, and Antifa is a Communist, anarchist organization whose purpose is to take down the government.

Everyone has a breaking point –  one day Antifa and all the leftists like them will cross the line, whether in a restaurant or on the street. They will  do something more than yell stupid leftist phrases. Will that be the spark that lights the fuse?


Featured photo: screenshot of the classy response of the activists to Senator Cruz in a DC restaurant