Rachelle Hernandez Fired From Her Job After the “Cancel Culture” Attacked Her.

Rachelle Hernandez

Rachelle Hernandez is a young Hispanic woman who originally wanted to be a nurse.  Her account on Instagram had a mere 100 followers. But in the middle of the summer with BLM rioting, she posted an article about “white privilege” being a lie. The “cancel culture” pounced. Since then, her goals have changed – now she would like to be a voice for Conservatives.


Rachelle graduated from College with a degree in Kinesiology. Right away she landed a “big job” in the medical field. She became a behavioral interventionist with Easterseals. She was excited to work with special needs children, and then move on to get her Master’s Degree in nursing.

But a person who saw a post she made about “white privilege,” began posting extremely negative comments. He called on his friends to comment on her post, some of which were both vile and threatening. At one point, he went off the rails and told her that he was going to “destroy her life” and even “call the government.”

He called an army of his friends after me, and he knew where I worked. I talked to my Mom and she reminded me not to have fear, but to trust God.

Rachelle Hernandez

Her workplace had given her an IPad for work. When she returned home from vacation, she found a voicemail on her iPad on Monday. The voicemail was from Human Resources, and said she had to delete her post or be terminated, since several people called them to complain about it. She was accused of violating Easterseals policy, so she called the HR department to find out what was going on.

I asked them which post they were talking about, but they refused to tell me. They simply said if I didn’t delete it by 10 am the next morning, I would be terminated. I asked if I could talk to the CEO to get clarification on how my post violated the policy.

Rachelle Hernandez

Needless to say, the CEO “didn’t feel comfortable” talking to her, so she never received the clarification she requested. She was terminated. And no, she didn’t delete her post.

Rachelle is a bright, articulate grad student who is now enrolled in Liberty University in their Public Policy program with an emphasis on the Middle East (accelerated program). She is a full time student, and will graduate with a Masters Degree in July-August 2021.

Rachelle comes from a family of Conservatives. She is passionate to be an ambassador for Conservative voices and is working on creating a nonprofit pro-life organization that could even have a baby registry to give items for mothers who choose life for their child. She says there are a “lot of pieces” in her quest for a career that includes many things she would like to pursue. And she has a message for other Conservatives and Christians:

In the society we’re living in right now, the left is trying to bring fear. But the things our country was founded on – like truth, and justice, require that we stand strong. As Conservatives, be vocal, don’t let them suppress your voice.

Rachelle Hernandez

Rachelle is suddenly up to 4,645 followers and counting from a mere 100. She is starting to become an internet “influencer.” She took her mother’s excellent advice, and is learning new things every day…and especially how to trust God in spite of the attacks of the cancel culture.


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