Questions for the Never-Trump Military

By Rick Ferran

I’ve got some questions for the Never-Trump military and those upset with the James Mattis firing. Where the hell were all of you when Obama fired James Mattis? Crickets.

Where were you when Obama and his admin were exterminating our Navy Seal Team 6 in #Extortion17?

Where the hell were all of you when Obama and cronies left our Ambassador and Americans to die in #Benghazi? And then lied about it to our faces? Where were you?

What about when our troops die senselessly from training exercises for faulty equipment because Obama’s admin was sending our money to our enemies in the middle of the night?

Where were you when all those leaders of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were released from Guantanamo or traded for a deserter – and they went back so that we could fight them again? That was under Obama, not Donald Trump. Crickets again? Were you so busy kissing his royal ass that you didn’t notice the damage he was doing?

Where the hell are all of you when our Veterans come back from Iraq and Afghanistan and can’t get any help and are literally dying by the numbers through the VA system?

You bitch about it, you talk about PTSD all those 20-22 veterans a day but don’t realize that part of the problem lies under the screwed up rules of engagement that our military has had to deal with –and no plans for victory, just continuation of the same wars as before. There is more action on the suicide issue for the PTSD sufferers to get the hell out of the endless wars than to leave us in them. Not to mention that these endless conflicts have cost the US trillions of dollars. The wars were not created by Trump.

Our military protects the borders of other nations, but our own border is insecure. What about America? We have the best technology in the world, but why are we using it for everyone but ourselves? Where is the anger toward Democrats who want an unending stream of illegals into the US? You bash Trump for something totally created by previous administrations. Donald Trump doesn’t want to bury any more of our sons and daughters – why is that something to bash him about?

But more importantly – where the hell is the legend James Mattis and the Brass when our special forces heroes are being court martialed and punished for doing their damn job?

Then you all run and beg Donald Trump to give a pardon. It has been business as usual in the Pentagon, our boys getting ambushed and more senseless training exercise fatalities.

Donald Trump never sold guns to the drug cartels. Obama did. Where were you when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with one of those guns carried by a cartel member?

The VA scandals didn’t happen on Trump’s watch. Where were you when news broke about wait times, malpractice, disgusting conditions and sheer ignoring our heroes caused their deaths?

Where were you when Obama literally dismantled our military leadership by firing about 500- five hundred – of our military leaders and dumped thousands more troops? Remember the “Sequester” that capped military spending so deep that equipment couldn’t be properly repaired? Where were you then?

Do you know what Afghanistan war has brought us other than a death toll? A 300% increase in illegal heroin trade. This is an example:

“Despite almost continuous combat since the invasion of October 2001, pacification efforts have failed to curtail the Taliban insurgency, largely because the US simply could not control the swelling surplus from the country’s heroin trade. Its opium production surged from around 180 tonnes in 2001 to more than 3,000 tonnes a year after the invasion, and to more than 8,000 by 2007. Every spring, the opium harvest fills the Taliban’s coffers once again, funding wages for a new crop of guerrilla fighters.” The Guardian, January 2018

Is the United States actually helping that heroin trafficking?  Is our military involved somehow? “There were 189,000 heroin users in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan. By 2016 that number went up to 4,500,000.” Explain that. It was not Donald Trump. He inherited the problem.  But you still want to bash him?

No plan to exit, no plan to win and ROEs who are made by the hands of our Military leadership that are not even worth the paper to clean your ass.

So, Never-Trumpers, where were you?