Queen Mary 2 One of 86 Cruise Ships Reportedly With Covid On Board

Faye Higbee
queen may 2

86 Cruise ships are stuck with Covid on board and the CDC is investigating. One ship, the Queen Mary 2, was due to go to New York, but when the Covid outbreak occurred, they had to stop in Barbados. And they’re not the only ones.

Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas was denied port entry in Aruba and Curacao because of Covid aboard. Wait…does this sound familiar? The exact same situation occurred in 2020, with cruise ships that couldn’t find port because of fear from an outbreak of Covid aboard. That, however, was the more serious original Covid, not the milder Omicron variant.

The CDC only investigates if a ship has one or more cases among the crew and .10% of the passengers. Cruise lines require passengers and crew to be vaccinated.

Of the ships being investigated or monitored, 32 are owned by Carnival and include vessels in its Holland America and Princess Cruises brands. Carnival spokesman Roger Frizzell said company protocols, including vaccinations, testing and masks for travelers, have been effective. Its crew members are fully vaccinated, he said.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. accounts for 24 of the ships being investigated or monitored, and 14 are owned by Norwegian.

Bari Golin-Blaugrund, a spokeswoman for the Cruise Lines International Association—a trade group that represents Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and other cruise operators—said members have added more testing and mask requirements as the omicron variant spreads. The companies are “going above and beyond in the interest of public health and safety,” she said.


Which brings us back to the Queen Mary 2, part of Cunard’s Carnival line. The ship sailed from Southampton, England on December 13. It left Brooklyn on December 22, with 1,575 passengers. It was supposed to return on January 3. But due to an outbreak of the virus, it is staying at Barbados until Jan 2, and then sailing for England. The ship plans to bring on more employees before it sails again as a “precaution.” Anyone who was supposed to get off in New York will be placed on a flight to their NY destination.

While some Democrat members of Congress, like Senator Blumenthal want all cruise ships to stop, could the devastation to their business could shut them down forever? The Cruise Lines resumed cruises in June after being shut down for over a year. The incessant “variants” of Covid are continuing to destroy the economy, primarily out of fear-mongering from media and government officials.

Science that cannot be questioned is propaganda.

Aaron Rodgers, unvaccinated NFL quarterback


Featured screenshot of the Queen Mary 2

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