QD – Marine Veteran Fighting for Freedom


QD is a US Marine veteran with a voice for Conservatives…and has been censored for that voice at least 8 times in 8 months. She’s an ‘ínfluencer’ because she never gives up sharing her voice, her views… and people listen. Which drives the left crazy.

Who is QD?

In September 2010, one day after her birthday, QD enlisted in the US Marine Corps. After boot camp, she ended up at the 2nd MAW (Marine Air Wing) in Jacksonville, NC, where she enjoyed working with corporate law that affected British, American, and other nations’ aircraft. In 2013, she was deployed to Afghanistan for10 months. She says she worked at the MAG-26 (Marine Aircraft Group), a place ”where the action is” for the various squadrons of the Air Wing. All in all, she spent 4 years as an active Marine and 4 years in the USMC Reserves.

What’s her message?

We talked about her Conservative messages, and found a plethora of valuable insights. QD believes that all of us should come together in the battle for the mind, and for the nation to recognize what is really going on.

On Afghanistan:

She was blunt about what went on in Afghanistan: ”It was tragic, but not surprising…we were screwed under Obama with high gas prices, a messed up economy, and poor military policy. When Biden started ripping people out of Afghanistan in a haphazard manner, we had to know that he was setting us up for a lower grade 9-11.”

On mind manipulation by the left:

“There is no lie they won’t tell in order to push the fear mongering and division. They want to scare you. They want to get in your head. If they can do that, if they can turn weak people against their friends and family, then the real enemies can be ignored until it’s too late.”

On Veterans:

”Veterans live in the dark. That darkness can be inner demons or really bad thoughts. We can’t let either voice win. When you’re trying to deal with what you’ve experienced, what you’ve seen, and you start fighting those thoughts, the voices in our heads would rather we didn’t connect with anyone. They’d rather we kill ourselves than come out of that darkness. Remember this: you cannot believe what those voices say. And you can’t believe anything the media says.

People have about three reactions from combat: 1: Fuck it. 2: I’m not getting up or 3: Fuck I’m going back to bed. Those things cannot win. You have to keep pushing forward. Look your inner demons in the face and say, NOT TODAY. People cannot be controlled when they fight to overcome that darkness.”

What do do you think about the future?

”There are different forces at work now. We can’t look at things through rose-colored glasses. We’re only as good as those forces tell us we are. We’ve been controlled, censored, discredited…actions designed to make you or break you. I intend to be here until I can’t be here anymore.”

And that refusal to give up is why she’s considered an influencer.


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