Q13 Fox TV Staffer Altered Video of Trump’s Address to Make Him Look Bad

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A Q13 Fox Editor in Seattle, Washington was fired after it was learned that he altered the video of President Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office speech. He created a loop of a brief moment in Trump’s speech when the President licked his lips, and intensified the color of the President’s face and hair to appear orange.

Here is the side by side comparison:

Todd Herman at MyNorthwest reported,

A listener to my program sent me a video that appears to show a deceptively edited video of President Trump’s speech from the Oval Office. We performed a side-by-side comparison of the video from our listener, apparently taken by a smart phone recording of Q13, to the raw video of Trump’s speech from CNN.

That comparison revealed the Q13 video creating a loop of the President licking his lips — making it seem bizarre and unbalanced — it also seems that someone distorted the President’s face and may have added an orange tone to his skin.

Less than a day after placing the editor responsible on leave pending an investigation, Q13 terminated his employment.

“We’ve completed our investigation into this incident and determined that the actions were the result of an individual editor whose employment has been terminated,” said Q13’s news director in a Thursday update.

The station said that they “regretted” if the video made the President appear in a negative light. It doesn’t particularly sound sincere. Yes, they fired the idiot who did it, but the statement that includes the word “if”  is concerning. That entire “orange man bad” idea that has been pushed by liberals and leftists makes you wonder.

A Seattle Times article that reported the incident went to great lengths to reveal their left-leaning thoughts on the matter by accusing Sarah Sanders of doctoring the video with Jim Acosta after his brief suspension from White House briefings, saying that “fact-checkers and researchers” stated it was altered. They used several other things they labeled as “deep fakes” by Conservatives. It seemed to be an effort to makes sure Conservatives were blamed for “worse” things rather than focus on the the foolish alteration of  the President’s Oval Office address. They took it as funny – how do I know? The actual url for that article is https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/tv/trump-tongue-trick-lands-seattle-tv-station-q13-fox-in-hot-water/. Entertainment. Trump tongue trick. Apparently someone thinks that whole thing is funny.