Putz of the Year- Vote is Now Open

By Dave Emanuel

Putz- it’s one of those words the sound of which ideally fits its meaning. Although of German origin, since the early 20th century, use of “putz” has largely been based on its Yiddish definition. There is some disagreement among etymologists as to the “official” definition, but most agree that it is slang for penis, and is most commonly used to describe a person that is obnoxious, detestable, a fool, or some combination thereof.

Some people use schmuck, another Yiddish word that is slang for penis, interchangeably with putz, although there does seem to be a distinct difference. Typically, schmuck is used to describe a person who is more of fool than a putz. In essence, a schmuck is a schmuck because he can’t help himself; a putz is a putz because he wants to be.

You can choose the Putz- Wolf Blitzer is a start

Having defined the characteristics of a putz, we are now taking nominations for the USMC “Putz of the Year Award.” The inspiration for such recognition is CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. It was while listening to Blitzer interview former law enforcement officers that I was reminded that Blitzer isn’t merely a putz, he’s a putz’s putz.

I first became aware of Blitzer’s entrée into putzdom during coverage of “Desert Storm.” There he was, safely distanced from military action, wearing a flak jacket.


Wolf Blitzer in 2011 and early 1990s.

Having assiduously avoided CNN, I was only exposed to Blitzer’s whiney commentary on rare occasion. It wasn’t until I accidentally tuned into CNN’s Sirius/XM station, that I heard the above-referenced interview, which concerned the police involved shooting in Charlotte, NC.

As I listened to Blitzer repeatedly ask similar questions about the incident, it was obvious he was trying to coax the interviewees to say that the police officer should not have fired his weapon. That’s when it struck me- if ever there was a putz, it’s this guy. He deserves an award.

Consequently, I am formally nominating Blitzer for “Putz of the Year.” Now it’s your turn. You can vote for Blitzer, or make your own nomination. So don’t be a putz- vote today.

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