Putin Runs for President of Russia…Again

By Faye Higbee

Vladimir Putin announced on December 6 that he will run for Russian President yet again on March 18, 2018. Though there are actually “term limits” in Russia, Putin bypassed them by becoming “prime minister” between 2008 and 2012. The Russian Constitution is about “consecutive” terms. If he wins, he would have another 6 years as President.

Putin enjoys an 80% approval rating. He is known as a shrewd leader, yet lethal to those who oppose him. His victory in the election is all but guaranteed.


On Tuesday, the IOC banned the Russian Olympic Committee, from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang, South Korea, because of systemic doping scandals. But they stated that individual athletes from there could compete if they were “clean.”

They will not be allowed to compete formally as Russians, but can compete under the title “Olympic Athlete from Russia.” Their uniforms have to have that title on them, and instead of the Russian anthem, the Olympic anthem will be played at the medal ceremonies.

Putin told the athletes to join the competition under that neutral banner.

“Without any doubt, we won’t put up any barrier and won’t prevent our athletes from participating if they want to compete as individuals. Many of the athletes have prepared all their lives for this competition.” Vladimir Putin

For his part, he believes that the US is using it to force Russia out of the Olympics, and said that competing under the neutral flag was “humiliating.” But he will allow his athletes to participate.

Promising help for Christians

He seems “reasonable” on the surface, but make no mistake, this former KGB officer can be ruthless and is much deeper than he seems. He even recently promised to help rebuild Christian communities in Syria and bring the people back to their homeland.


“We will help also the members of other faiths, including Muslims, who, as we are well aware of, have also suffered greatly at the hands of bandits, terrorists and radicals. We will also help Jews, a number of organizations have already reached us with a call for help in restoration of Judaic holy sites.” Vladimir Putin

President Putin has branded himself as a “protector of all faiths.” He answers the IOC ruling with “reason.” But lurking beneath all the responses is a man who is not afraid to do whatever it takes to promote his own agenda, and has been known to resort to murder to gain his position.