Pushback – Epic National Anthem at Bristol Game

The Virginia Tech vs Tennessee football game on September 10, 2016 included an epic pushback against the constant controversy over the National Anthem.

Jennifer Nettles sang a stirring rendition of the anthem, as the fans, the bands, the Bristol Motor Speedway stadium erupted in a patriotic demonstration that amazed watchers. It was the largest audience for a football game ever- 156,990 fans packed into the stadium. It was a football attendance record.


Screenshot of one military veteran Tennessee fan saluting during the national anthem

Jets, fireworks, waving Old Glory in the stands…it was an inspiring site (for those of us who still love this country.) The military saluted, the people sang, the cards they held up appeared as a waving flag.

By the way- the Seattle Seahawks were rumored to have planned to stand for the anthem and link arms like this team, rather than be stupid and sit it out or kneel. We’ll see how that goes and will update it in the morning.