Purdue College Republican Adviser’s House Vandalized with “Nazi Lives Here”

By Faye Higbee

West Lafayette, Indiana: Professor David Bridges is the adviser of Purdue College Republicans (CR). He is a biology teacher at the University. He woke upon November 27 to find that someone had spray-painted his garage door with the words “Nazi Lives Here,” and smeared some reddish paint substance on his driveway.

The Professor believes local Antifa members are responsible. But the motive may have come from a flyer that some people found “offensive” during the midterms. If it was Antifa, to them everything and everyone is “offensive.”

Keep in mind that the media has pushed the narrative that the hand sign “OK” is “racist.” It isn’t, but that’s the prevailing mantra.

“Vote for civility, vote for prosperity, vote for unity, vote for patriotism, vote republican…Walk away from violence, walk away from hypocrisy, walk away from globalist democrats.”

The message didn’t go over as planned. Though the words conveyed their message, whoever chose the images caused people to be offended.

Breitbart noted,

“We were shocked at the disproportionate outrage that was caused, and the vandalism that ensued, over posters that were clearly moderate in their intent,” added the group.

Just as President Donald Trump’s signature “thumbs up” has become a popular gesture among his supporters, the “OK” hand gesture had also become popular among conservative youth during the 2016 election, as it is a gesture frequently seen made by President Trump during his speeches, among many other gestures.

Last year, a 4chan hoax attempting to fool individuals into mistaking the “OK” hand gesture for a “white power” symbol, went viral among some circles on the internet. The hoax was later promoted by Left-wing activists seeking to label conservatives as white supremacists.

Meanwhile, Professor Bridges has cleanup to do because of the garbage spewed by leftists. His post gathered a great deal of sympathy, as most of them stated that the Bridges family were  the “nicest” people around West Lafayette.

One commenter on the post said it this way:

Tom: And just three weeks ago, millions of our fellow countrymen decided to give control of the U.S. House to the party that encourages people to act like this.