Punk Beats Disabled Veteran for Asking Him to Slow Down, and Brags About It (video)

Faye Higbee

Palos Hills, Illinois – On October 15, Vietnam Veteran Richard Jones, 66, stepped out of his car in the subdivision near his home, and simply asked his neighbor to slow down due to the amount of children in the area. But his request started an altercation that quickly escalated into the neighbor beating Mr. Jones severely.

Richard Jones- photo via Alice Jones

Mr. Jones was beaten by a man named Michael Seno, a neighbor who was much younger.

Patch.com wrote,

Jones suffered two broken nasal bones, black eyes, scraped shins, a torn-off toenail—just some of his injuries. In photos taken during the altercation, Seno can be seen crouching above Jones, who is splayed on the pavement and attempting to shield his face. A neighbor “had to pry Seno off of him,” Alice said. Jones, who suffers from PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease and uses a cane to walk, lost consciousness briefly as they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Arrogant attacker

Seno claims that Jones threw the first punch, but Alice, his wife says otherwise.  And the nieghbors were’t too thrilled with his actions either. In the video you can hear a neighbor yell “Look what he did to him…you have no respect.”

At which point Seno yells, “I have respect for myself, not you guys. You have no respect for me!”

Yeah, that helped. You get respect by giving respect.  And Seno not only gave no respect at all, he went on to brag about it on Facebook. The conversation was sent to Uncle Sam’s by an unknown user.


“Sent a dude home in an ambulance, but he threw the first punch.” “Pound and ground, son.”  “The dickhead’s neighbor left him in a pool of blood and raccoon eyes.”

His bragging about the beating he gave a disabled veteran is pathetic.

“His parents didn’t raise him right. I feel that by trying to protect little children in our own courtyard by telling him to simply slow down was not a call to war on a senior citizen and disabled veteran. That shows very poor upbringing and character on his part.” Richard Jones

When police arrived, they found Jones lying on the ground, bleeding from the nose and mouth. He was transported by ambulance for treatment at a local hospital.

Seno was arrested and has received a court date of November 16 in Bridgeview, Illinois. A restraining order has been issued against him to maintain his distance from Mr. Jones.

Seno apparently has a child of his own – at least someone very close to him as shows on his Facebook page. Bragging, arrogant, name-calling, Mr. Jones is correct – Michael Seno wasn’t raised right. Or maybe he’s just a punk who is going to be a horrible parent.

Here is the video shot at the time: