Pumpkin Spice Lattes Connected to War, Genocide, Slavery: WaPo

By Faye Higbee

The Washington Post has a history of editorials making bellicose stupid statements, but this one may have taken the proverbial cake: pumpkin spice lattes are connected to war, genocide, and slavery. (Breitbart). It must be the job of liberal fools to destroy the fun in everything, even pumpkin spices, nutmeg in particular.

Nutmeg is native to Indonesia – a group of 10 islands called the Banda Islands. Please pay attention to the narrative that these liberal rags are attempting to create – they demand that you feel guilty for anything, and now you are to feel guilty for liking pumpkin spices.


The Dutch showed up in 1599, and everything got gruesome soon afterward. They seized the islands, built a fort and informed the Bandanese they were no longer allowed to trade with anyone else, according to historian Vincent C. Loth. The Bandanese signed contracts agreeing to the arrangement, though it is unclear if they understood what they were agreeing to, Loth wrote. They ignored the contracts anyway, continuing to trade with whomever they always had, plus a new partner on the scene — the English.

This led to a number of violent skirmishes between the Dutch and the Bandanese, Loth wrote. Then in 1621, Dutch Governor-General Jan Pieterszoon Coen led 2,000 troops on an assault on the Bandanese. Their leaders were beheaded, and the wealthy were enslaved and sent overseas. The remaining inhabitants fled into the mountains, where, over the following months, nearly all met one of three fates: They were murdered in Dutch attacks, starved to death, or jumped off cliffs in despair…

By the end of the massacre, only about 1,000 of an estimated 15,000 Bandanese had survived. Some escaped to other islands, where their descendants still live, while others were enslaved to teach the Dutch how to cultivate nutmeg themselves.” Gillian Brockell 

Washington Post

The piece goes on to connect the Dutch actions to America regarding the purchase of Manhattan. Because you MUST feel guilty for your part in that massacre and slavery that occurred in the 17th century with a different country altogether. It’s all your fault for liking nutmeg.

Starbucks normally makes the popular pumpkin spice latte, but many other coffee shops create a similar one. Frankly, I’ll use pumpkin spice for my autumn pies or drinks if I want to, and I don’t care what the Washington Post says.

After the New York Times “1619 slave ship” narrative was even pushed by the Department of Interior, now we have a bunch of liberal drivel that attempts to wreck a delightful spice that is used in many dishes, not just pumpkin spice lattes. Their attempts to “redirect” the history of America so that we can all feel guilty over things that occurred centuries ago and no longer exist will not work.

Featured photo via Starbucks


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