Proven Voter Fraud in Florida – Crimes, No Suspects?

By Faye Higbee

A voter fraud investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office has come up empty because they can’t find a suspect. They have a crime, but can’t figure out who did it.

The Palm Beach Post conducted an investigation into the allegations of voter fraud.  Nearly two dozen people told officials that their names had been forged on absentee ballots. Even an employee of the State attorney’s office was a victim. But with no suspect identified by the victims, the investigation fell apart.

Who did it?

State Rep. Al Jacquet and County Commissioner Mack Bernard reportedly generated many absentee ballots by helping voters fill the ballots out. At least one ballot was allegedly signed for the person…which is forgery. But no one can ID either person.

The Palm Beach Post reported,

In a bizarre 24-page memo, detectives described their efforts to get to the bottom of allegations of voter fraud in the primary election. State Sen. Bobby Powell, Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard and state Rep. Al Jacquet, a tight-knit trio of rising stars in the Democratic Party, won their races by generating extraordinary turnout in absentee ballots, and their opponents and voters cried foul.

Detectives talked to 22 voters — 17 of whom were in all three candidates’ districts — who claimed their signatures were forged on request forms. Even a State Attorney’s Office employee and her three family members were victims.

Detectives didn’t follow up on basic leads, didn’t interview people who might have known about the fraud and waited eight months before following up with voters who made complaints, according to the memo. They apparently did not question Powell, Bernard or Jacquet.

Detectives did identify a “person of interest,” a man who was seen on video dropping off bundles of absentee ballot request forms at the Supervisor of Elections office, but he was never interviewed.

The 24 page memo is here.

The man who dropped off the absentee ballot request forms was identified as Delano Rodies Allen, who is a legislative aide to Sen. Bobby Powell. He never returned any of the detective’s messages, so no one spoke with him. Dead end.

When detectives talked to one voter whose name was forged, she stated that she had never voted absentee in her life.  But she couldn’t remember all the political folks who stopped by her house, so that was listed as a dead end as well.

Others were interviewed and the crime of forgery was confirmed. But according to the Detectives, no one could identify the male who did it. Some of the people were not home or failed to answer their phones. Then there was the confusion as to whether the forms were requests for absentee ballots, or actual absentee ballots.

And the state attorney’s office memo says that no suspect information could be collected from the people interviewed. So…the voter fraud investigation fell apart.

Meanwhile the three men at the center of the controversy declined to be interviewed by the Palm Beach Post.

If you want to win an election by underhanded methods, make sure the police are too busy to start an investigation, and your victims can’t tell one operative from another.