Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio Arrested in DC, Leftists Continue Unchecked

On January 4th, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested in DC on a warrant for burning a Black Lives Matter sign a month ago. Then there was that whole burning St John’s church by Antifa in June, but no one was arrested for that. When a group of protesters went to the DC home of Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on January 4th while he was away, and his wife and newborn daughter were inside, they were totally allowed to do it. Nobody cares about the left wing garbage, but if a right wing person does anything in protest, they’re quickly arrested.

UPDATE: Enrique was released without bail but ordered to stay away from DC until his court date in June, 2021.

Photo of Black Lives Matter sign that was burned in December. The AME church is suing the Proud Boys over the removal and burning of their sign (1 of 2 stolen). Photo via Twitter Brendan Gutenschwager.

One Twitter user wrote this:

“Dear @MayorBowser: You had a rightwing protest leader arrested for allegedly torching #BLM banners taken from churches. What’s the status of the leftwing protesters who torched St. John’s Church — the Church of Presidents, built in 1816 — back in June?” @mrddmia

Crickets on that, Mr. Davis.

Enrique Tarrio is the wrong color to be a “white supremacist.” He, along with his group, are continually accused of being “nazis,” and “racist.” DC Metro Police also allegedly found two “high capacity” magazines (CBS) in his book bag when arrested. Possession of the magazines is a felony in the District- it is unclear whether they were actually loaded, and there is no reference to any weapon that went with them, although some Twitter users claimed he “probably” had the weapon. If he is charged with the felony, they will likely issue a “stay away” order for the District. A “stay away” order is a civil protection order and not usually utilized for protesters. The decision to charge him with the felony was pending on January 5.

Allegedly these are the high capacity magazines found in Tarrio’s book bag- Twitter via Christpher Mathias

DC Metro Police stated they did not have enough evidence to charge Tarrio with a hate crime.

Tarrio told The Washington Post days after the incident that he had participated in the burning of the flag, but he insisted he hadn’t participated in a hate crime. He said he would surrender to authorities, plead guilty to destruction of property and pay the church the cost of the banner. 

“So, let me make this simple. I did it,” he said on December 18. 

Asbury United Methodist Church replaced the stolen banner on December 18 and then held a prayer service outside the church, according to The Washington Post.  

Tarrio said the Proud Boys were reacting to the stabbing of four members of its group outside a nearby bar. Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, another historically Black house of worship, also said a Black Lives Matter sign was taken as well. That church filed a lawsuit on Monday against Tarrio for the destruction of the banner. 


It appears that the District is playing favorites again, because Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters have burned and punched their way through DC for a long time. And Mayor Muriel Bowser stands with them.

Here’s a case in point (there are many): Senator Josh Hawley had to be in Missouri, and his wife and newborn child could not travel, so were left alone at his home.

Note there was vandalism, as the sidewalk in front of the house was covered with graffiti. When a group of “ShutDownDC” protesters with a bullhorn surround your home and start yelling and chanting, they go up to your door pound or knock on it, there is no question that fear will take over. Especially if you have a newborn child that can’t defend itself. No one has ever issued a “stay away” order to the left. Only to right wing people. The entire incident was videoed.

ShutDown DC called it a “Vigil,” and this is their tweet, which was removed from Twitter for violating their policies. They also took offense at being called “scumbags.” They claimed that the knock on the door was to deliver a copy of the Constitution. I wouldn’t answer the door either…unless I was armed to the teeth.

I don’t know about you, but the intent of that statement doesn’t seem like a unicorns and butterflies moment. Shutdown DC are unabashedly “anti-fascists.” Isn’t that what Antifa is supposed to be? The video does NOT show the ordinary black bloc Antifa.

For all of you who are headed to DC for the rallies today and tomorrow, be on the lookout for bags of bricks or rocks strategically placed by Antifa. That is one of the tactics used in Seattle and Portland. Be aware of your surroundings, and STAY with the main group of supporters. Do not get separated. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children will be there too. Here is Tank’s reminder:


Featured photo: Enrique Tarrio from his legal defense Fund.

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