Protesters Once Again Try to Shut Down Trump’s 1st Amendment Rights- They Failed

By Faye Higbee

Protesters Once Again Try to Shut Down Trump’s 1st Amendment Rights – They Failed

The Trump rally at the Infinity Center in Salt Lake City on Friday was volatile, but according to police, no one was arrested in spite of rock-throwing and damage. The Trump rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona saw three people arrested in the protests, but the rally appears to go off without any problems…other than protesters blocking the highway into the venue.


Screenshot from live video feed of Trump rally in Fountain Hills, AZ


Salt Lake

Chanting “Mr hate out of our state” protesters attempted to create disruption for Donald Trump’s Salt Lake City Utah Rally on Friday. Trump supporters responded with chants of “Donald Trump!” The Shouting matches weren’t the only problem – event goers were pelted with rocks as they exited the venue. Some protesters even tore down the tent that was set up for Secret Service to screen those who came to see The Donald.

Then there was the beheading of a Donald Trump effigy in Salt Lake by a protester…but Trump is the “violent” one?

If you are listening to the media or the protesters about Donald Trump and blaming him for the violence, you should pay closer attention who who is really committing it.

Fountain Hills near Phoenix, Arizona rally

In Fountain Hills, Arizona on Saturday, protesters shut down the highway leading to the Trump rally. Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio was scheduled to assist with security at the event and possibly speak. 

(But Bernie Sanders called Arpaio “unAmerican” yesterday. Wow that’s the pot calling the kettle black.)

Maricopa County Deputies told ABC15 if the protesters didn’t move their cars,  they would be forcibly removed. Thus far at least three people have been arrested. The rally was opened by Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump received praise from the Border Patrol yesterday as the “only one who supports our mission, the only one who has our back.”

Trump came on stage to chants of “build that wall” and chants of “USA USA USA!”  

As he said that Common Core would be gone, and return control of education to the local areas, getting rid of Obamacare, illegal immigration…

“We’re gonna rebuild our  military and  knock the hell out of ISIS… rebuild our country…. It will be so strong and so respected and we’re gonna win again…we’re gonna win with our 2nd Amendment…we’re gonna take our country back…”

The crowd erupted again with cheers of USA USA USA! During the live feed on one station, over 36,000 were watching it.

Arizona votes in their primary on Tuesday, March 22.