Progressive Zombies – White House Agenda in 1 day’s Headlines

By Faye Higbee

Several headlines today disturbed me so I’m going to share a few of them so that you will see an over all picture…..we are facing a zombie apocalypse and it has nothing whatever to do with any rampant virus. Since January of 2009, we have endured an epidemic of stupid that is part of an agenda that is designed to destroy us.  Let’s give it a look from the point of view in just one day’s headlines 4-18-2015.

white house

As Obama golfs, the world faces major challenges.


1. “Obama Warns U.S. –Climate Change poses immediate risks to our National Security.”

Is this an excuse for martial law? Are those “immediate risks” so deadly that he needs to act in our “best interests,” saving us from the dreaded Decepticon attack? And what will happen if Mickey Mouse runs out of cheese because the cows refuse to give milk? It’s ‘udderly’ ridiculous.

2. “Obama: Nuke deal with Ayatollah is ‘Political Agreement’ not formal Treaty.”

After bowing to Tehran on most of the so-called nuclear deal, we find out it’s just an informal ‘gentleman’s agreement.’ But Iran is no gentleman. Their brutal government hates all who dare to engage them, and as much as Obama loves his new “BFF” he is a fool to believe anything they say.

Might as well shake hands with a viper. Eventually it will bite us all. Obama thinks he’s immune to their bite, but he will learn that even snakes can be consumed by other snakes.

3. “Obama admits that unborn babies have feet that kick.”

Is this the crux of Obama’s hatred for Christians and his love of abortion? Is it rooted in a self-hatred or just plain selfishness? Or maybe he’s just a plain old a******. The bottom line is that he knows the truth, and he doesn’t care.

4. Arab TV Commentators Claim that Obama supports Iran because his father was a Shi’ite.”

Yeah we actually figured that. But thanks to  Muhydin Lazikani and Abu Muntasir Al-Baloushi of two different Middle East TV stations, we now know it for certain. Al-Baloushi is convinced that he is backing Iran in an effort to destroy Islam from within. Lazikani is convinced he intends to see Iran become the victor in the Middle East.  Which do you think?

The Zombie connection

If you take all the mentality from the four Obama headlines and add it to these others, maybe you can see what has occurred in our populace: an epidemic of stupid.

College Kids Are Asked Why Hillary Should Be President. They All Come Up With The Exact. Same. Response.”

They just want a woman in the White House. Never mind if she’s a crook, a liar, a thief and a murderer.

Matt Vespa– Oh, my, some people support a $50 minimum wage.”

It goes without saying that this one is stupid.

Barbara Streisand thinks the Obama Economy is great.”

When you’re exceedingly wealthy to start with, I suspect what Obama does is irrelevant anyway. Nice voice, no brain.

It’s the epidemic of progressive zombies, lock step following the White House with no end in sight. They are like people in golf galleries, following the man with the little white ball around the course.  The only thing I want to know is, where can I get one of those $50 per hour jobs?