Professor Says No Peace as long as “Whiteness” Exists

By Faye Higbee

Professor Says No Peace as long as “Whiteness” Exists

Professor James Harrison teaches history and humanities at Portland Community College in Oregon. The Daily Caller reported that on Monday last week, he made the statement that peace in the U.S. can never be achieved as long as “whiteness” exists. April is the school’s “Whiteness History Month.”

The professor began his presentation with “Imagine everyone living life in peace,” a play off a John Lennon song called “Imagine.”

Wait…did you know John Lennon was white? OK never mind. Moving right along…


Screenshot of Professor James Harrison , PCC

Whiteness History Month

The DC Caller Reported in January,

“Whiteness History Month: Context, Consequences, and Change’ is a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the construction of whiteness, its origins, and heritage,” the school’s website says. The goal of the month, according to the page, is to alter a problematic campus culture at PCC.”

In other words, the intention is to “alter” the campus culture. Not learn about history, not understand history, but to “change ” the way history is perceived to a different view. Not necessarily the correct view, by the way.

White is a nasty word?

The professor appears to believe that white privilege is at the root of all social ills…

“And how do we get to that good world is the question — a world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words, is it would be a world, or U.S., without whiteness, in terms of the power structure…” James Harrison

The viewpoint of radical blacks attempts to place us all into slavery- if everything we say and do is subject to cries of “racist”  by those who think that way, then we have ALL become slaves. Slaves to hate, lies, and confusion of the facts.

You can listen to the professor’s message here. But warning, it could increase your blood pressure.