Youngstown State Rock Painted with Pro-ISIS Msg

Ohio’s Youngstown State Rock – There is a famed “rock” at Youngstown State University, one that has for many years held the graffiti art of many students. The sign beside it reads “you may paint this rock.” And students do all the time for various events.  But this time, someone painted ominous pro-ISIS messages on it.


The YSU rock as it normally looks – YSU photo

“We are coming” on the Youngstown State Rock

The pro-ISIS message appeared on the rock Monday morning. YSU police are investigating how and why the messages appeared.

“We are coming,” “France deserves destruction,” “YSU supports ISIS,” were the messages painted on the rock. The University  painted over the messages soon after they were put up, but not before several people were able to photograph them.


Twitter photo


Twitter photo

youngstown state rock

Twitter photo

No credible threat

The University released this statement as well as a text alert that was sent out at 11:14 a.m.:

Messages were found painted on the rock on the Youngstown State University campus core on Monday, Nov. 23, that were found to be of concern. YSU Police are investigating the situation. The FBI was contacted as a precautionary measure. No threats have been validated at this time. Police are continuing to look into the matter. There is no credible threat to the campus at this time.

The special Agent in Charge of the Youngstown FBI office stated that at this time there is no credible threat to the campus. But the University says they are reviewing security footage, and they “will not be lenient” to whoever did the vandalism.

The reactions of both anger and fear were prevalent among students.