Previously Deported Illegal Alien Connected to Death of Florida Cop

By Faye Higbee

Yulee, FL – On Tuesday, Border Patrol agents stopped a truck with 6 occupants at a gas station. When Nassau County Deputies were dispatched to that station on an unrelated call, the Border Patrol asked them to stay as backup. One of the occupants, a previously deported illegal alien, Francisco Obbidio Portillo-Fuentes, bolted from the truck and ran across Highway A1A, with the two Nassau County Deputies in foot pursuit. One deputy made it, one did not.

A passing motorist struck the second deputy, identified as Eric Oliver, killing him. He died at the scene. Fuentes escaped at the time, but was arrested later that evening.


Deputy Eric Oliver, End of Watch Nov 22, 2016

Officer Oliver leaves behind a wife and a 6 year old daughter. He had been on the force for 7 years.

The Nassau County Sheriff stated,

“At approximately 7:45 PM the subject that ran from Border Patrol and Nassau County Sheriff’s Deputies this morning, resulting in the death of NCSO Deputy Eric Oliver, was captured in Jacksonville at Atlantic Self-Storage on Powers Avenue. The US Marshall’s Office, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and NCSO were involved in the search and subsequent capture of Francisco Obbidio Portillo-Fuentes, 25 years old from Guatemala. He had been deported from the US on two separate occasions and is being held on felony reentry into the US by Border Patrol at this time.”

illegal alien

Francisco Obbidio Portillo-Fuentes

What good are the current deportation procedures? 

Previously deported felons have been responsible for deaths before – not the least of which was Kate Steinle. Her killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez,was a Mexican illegal who had been deported 5 times previously. The law introduced in reference to her was blocked by Democrats – because they wanted to save “Sanctuary cities.”

Before the whiny-butt liberals say that Deputy Oliver did it to himself by chasing the suspect, let’s be reminded  that not all illegals are sweet, kind grandmotherly types. Illegals are criminals. Catching a loose criminal often involves chasing them.

Police officers frequently have to chase suspects over fences, across highways, into backyards, even sometimes into swimming pools. Many police officers die in crashes, some deliberate, some accidental, but they die in the line of duty. If this illegal had not been in the U.S., Deputy Oliver would likely still be alive.