President and First Lady Tested Positive for Covid- NYT, Haters Go Insane

By Faye Higbee

The President and First Lady tested positive for Covid, and the NYT and the rest of the haters have gone freakin’ insane. The NYT suggested that the President might not be able to be on the ballot so he should just concede.  (Note: The quarantine for asymptomatic people is only 10 days. And both of them have the best medical care available.) Sen Mike Lee (on the judicial committee) and Trump Aide Hope Hicks, have also tested positive. The Supreme Court nominee tested negative.

Of course, NYT reporters Pete Baker and Maggie Haberman decided that Trump’s positive diagnosis throws the country’s “leadership into uncertainty” and suggests that he should just concede to Joe Biden. Apparently they’ve never heard of digital communication. But they don’t want to be called the “enemy of the people?”

The NYT should probably give it up now and just concede stupidity. Their rabid leftist Trump-hate has gone off the rails. The 99+%  recovery rate of Covid seems to be missing from their knowledge base. The New York Times once had a real newspaper. Now they are nothing but a venom spitting rag.

Twitter users were quick to jump on the haters:

Do these same people believe Justice Ginsberg should have resigned when she was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer?” @biz_malarkey

“They need to stay out of Hunters stash, this just confirms that Trump has completely broken the left and the MSM.” @Matt4Trump2020

“Already seeing a lot of vile comments from the left wishing death on the President & his wife. You all have lost your humility & have become the very thing you pretend to be against; HATE in its purest form… Seeing wishing death on our President has been so painful to watch. How President Trump is able to still be in great spirits & fight for our nation in the face of this evil hatred toward him amazes me. ” @TheRightMelissa

“We are behind you Mr. President! Ignore those with hate in their hearts. Their souls are sick. We appreciate you!” @joelcomm

“You can clearly see how disgusting some people are who are wishing illness and worse on our President. If that isn’t enough to not want to be associated with that vile group of people, I don’t know what is. Prayers for @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS  to stay healthy! @beyouonlybetter

And a few examples from the left, many were far worse:

“He shouldn’t be on the ballot, definitely. They’re just saying what we’re all thinking (and hoping and praying): that he drops out.” @AzureSky111

“Time to die please.” @chastitysongs

There were several satanic curses posted in the comments on the President’s tweet from these accounts, among others: @RDornov, @BaconNoob2002, and others. Of course in the name of “diversity,” those curses, complete with pictures, are still up on Twitter. (Apparently Twitter can’t read Latin or doesn’t know how to push the “translate this tweet” button). We cancel their curses with the Power of Christ – they’ve been active all along against the President, in case you were unaware.

All in all, we here at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children wish the President and First Lady well. They will recover just fine in spite of the haters.

Featured photo: screenshot via CNBC


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