Potential “Serial Killer” Activity at Nellis Air Force Base?

Faye Higbee
serial killer

A leader at Nellis Air Force Base warned airmen of potential “serial killer” activity after 4 cats were found hacked in half on the base. The information was in an email that was forwarded to the base commander and then on to airmen at the base. Officials stated that the animals were not eaten by natural predators, and that their wounds were the result of a human’s actions. Such animal abuse is classic serial killer behavior, usually at the beginning signs of problems.

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“The only parts found have been the lower portion and the cuts have been clean indicating it is not a natural attack by a coyote or any other predator.”

Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Schaefer

The email went on to state that airmen should be on the lookout for any suspicous activity.

The cats’ bodies were discovered by housing maintenance workers. The Security Forces Squadron at Nellis is investigating the incidents, according to the email.

It’s not clear who owned the animals that were located, but a Nellis representative told Military.com that no base residents reported their cats missing.

Schaefer’s email raised the alarm about the animal killings and told airmen to report suspicious activity or if they witnessed any attempts to catch stray animals.

“There may be some pre-serial killer tendencies going on,” Schaefer’s email read.


Officials at the base stressed that Schaefer’s email was his own opinion and not necessarily that of the base. Which is also classic denial. In a week long class on violent offenders and serial killers that I took some time ago, one of the early signs of a person who would likely kill was animal abuse. Hacking a living creature in half is one of those signs. An investigation has been launched by the base Security Forces.

Should a perpetrator be caught, Article 134 of the UCMJ states that the person would be subject to discharge, loss of benefits and up to a year in jail.

Nellis Air Force Base sits on over 14,000 acres of the Las Vegas Valley and is the largest fighter squadron base in the world. In the very middle of that is Area 51- Groom Lake. All of which lends itself easily to conspiracy theories.

serial killer


Screenshot via Nellis Air Force Base

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