Possible Active Shooter Redstone Arsenal

By Faye Higbee

Huntsville, Alabama – Gates at Redstone Arsenal are closed, police cars and ambulances have responded to reports of a possible active shooter near the Sparkman Center. There have been no reports of injury at this time. The base is locked down and people have been told to shelter in place – “run, hide, fight.”

Update: The all clear was given, as no shooter was found.

In the past, when military installations practice an active shooter drill, people have become confused between drills and real incidents. This could be something like that, as the Redstone Arsenal is to conduct a drill tomorrow. However, a public affairs officer stated he thought this was a possible real event. There are no casualties reported, so this could be a false report.

The John J. Sparkman Center is a 684,000 Square Foot multi-building center. It contains a Fitness center, eating areas, offices, classrooms, etc. Marshall Space Flight Center is a “tenant” of the Sparkman Center, but is some distance from the area. Law Enforcement, Military, EMT, all drill continuously throughout the year for such a situation. Some people have been evacuated, and others are to be evacuated “momentarily” as police work to clear every room.

Governor Ivey and other legislators have said they are closely monitoring the situation.