Portland Police Precinct Locked from the Outside While Occupied

By Faye Higbee

Portland agitators went so far as to lock police inside a Portland Police Precinct on June 16. They took the cord from the flag outside the building, wrapped it around a fire hydrants, and along with a U-lock, locked the door. Then they set fire to the flag. Someone was injured with the fire, but their name was not released. (Fox)

The Portland Police Precinct first noticed the tampering and tweeted for the subjects to stop and remove the items.

The responses to their tweet were less than glowing – with anarchists and protesters thinking it was funny. Not funny, dangerous.

“Should aim a little higher if this is ‘great’ by your standards.”

“You’re right, next time they should burn it down. Then it would be “great.” This is only ok.”

“they didn’t get the fire going soon enough.”

Fortunately, officers from the Portland police precinct were able to reach the door that was locked from the outside and remove the lock and cord. The flag was burned. Slightly less than an hour later, they tweeted,

“Locking the Justice Center from the outside presented serious life safety concerns for the adults in custody and employees inside the building. The demonstrators have moved away from the building and doors are re-opened.”

The problem with Twitter? It’s all public. Several anarchists picked up the idea, telling Portland Police that it was a good idea to try elsewhere.

“Cool these are good ideas to share so we can do it everywhere.” @EugeneDebts

“Good idea Portland, thank you for spreading the good idea.”@Comphoto1312

“Should have welded them shut like the doors in aliens.” @SVUTeddyruxpin

Journalist Jenny Young took a video of their attempt to lock the door down.

It appears from the video she took, they didn’t appreciate her doing it.

It is unclear if any of the perpetrators in the incident at the Portland Police precinct were arrested, although 10 people were charged for various crimes during the ‘demonstrations’ between June 15 and June 16.

There was one hit and run incident in which a man drove into demonstrators with his vehicle, injuring three people, two of whom were transported by ambulance and one by private vehicle. All had non-life-threatening injuries. An arrest was made in the hit and run.

Portland Police Bureau reported:

“The driver who was arrested was booked at the Multnomah County Detention Center for Felony Hit and Run (3 counts), Reckless Driving, and Possession of a Controlled Substance (Hash). The driver was identified as 27 year-old Anthony Eaglehorse-Lassandro.”


Featured photo: What appear to be members of Antifa’s “Black Bloc” tampering with Portland Police Central Precinct. Screenshot via @JennytYoung


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