Portland “Peaceful Protesters” Severely Beat Driver

The media’s “peaceful protesters” narrative took a big hit Sunday, after the BLM/Antifa mob pursued and severely beat a man. Portland Police were called to the scene of an injured man at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night. He was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

“Peaceful protesters”

The driver reportedly was pursued by the mob. They supposedly beat him because he and his female friend tried to defend someone that the rioters had just robbed.  He tried to drive away, but crashed his pickup into a post. Seemingly dazed from the first beat down,  the terrorists pushed him to the pavement, beat him again and one man kicked him hard in the head, knocking him unconscious. Meanwhile, the mob went through the man’s truck to take what they wanted of his belongings.

After he was knocked unconscious, BLM/Antifa “medics” came to get him off the street. Sort of. They mostly just dragged him away from the main part of the street. He remained unresponsive  even as they poured water on him.

Notice in this next post that the man who clocked the victim in the head was wearing a tactical vest that claimed to be “security.” That’s some security: beating the crap out of someone.  There have been others with identification that claimed to be “press” as well who have participated in the rioting, assaults, and vandalism.

The BLM/Antifa person who kicked the victim in the head hit him hard enough to cause bleeding and unconsciousness. The driver was said to have serious injuries, but his condition is unknown.

There are a few real journalists like Andy Ngo and Drew Hernandez and other, who are well known locally, but no major journalists from larger media. They do a dangerous job, but one that the mainstream media refuses to do. The larger media keep calling the Portland riots “peaceful protesters.” Which is a blatant lie.

Police came and said they were conducting an “investigation.” But what that means in politically correct Portland, with a prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute is anyone’s guess. Until the citizens of Portland get a clue, kick the Democrats out, and suppress the insurrection in the city, this travesty will continue. The safety of Portland residents is at stake.

Featured photo: Screenshot of victim after being knocked unconscious on Twitter @FromKalen


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