Portland Occupy ICE Protest Camp Forcibly Removed

The ICE office in Portland, Oregon has been closed for nearly nine days because of “Occupy ICE”, a movement to shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement by blocking access to the building. On Thursday, federal police moved in and forcibly removed the camps and fences, and made eight arrests.

Note that Federal police were called in to take down the mess – why? Because the Portland government itself  is primarily liberals.

The protesters took down the American flag and replaced it with a “welcome refugees” flag.

What did they think would happen? Apparently their tiny little minds couldn’t figure out that they wouldn’t  be allowed to stay indefinitely.

The ICE facility had been closed for several days after protesters blocked access to the building, and set up a “makeshift” city. That ended on Thursday morning, when police moved in to remove the camp and take down their fences and tents. It was reminiscent of the previous “Occupy” movements that did nothing for their cause, but made a giant-sized environmental mess to clean up. These people are supposed to care about the environment?

Here are some pictures from the last few days:


Liberal logic- this  person doesn’t think through the actions or the consequences: