Police Replace Stolen Flag that Honored WWII Veteran

By Faye Higbee

Police Replace Stolen Flag that Honored WWII Veteran

A woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin placed an American Flag on the front porch of her home to honor her WWII veteran husband who recently passed. Thursday night, someone stole the flag, so she reported it to the police department.

Compassionate officer

Officer Ecke of the Green Bay Police Department took the theft report. But at that moment, he decided to right that wrong, and went out to buy a new flag. The Green Bay Police wrote on their Facebook page,

“Last night, a local west side resident reported her flag stolen from in front of her home. She hung it up to honor her husband, a WWII vet who recently passed away. GBPD Officer Rob Ecke heard the story and went out and purchased a new American flag to post on her house. Thank you to Officers Ecke, Thorseson, Lt. Strouf and Capt. Muraski for righting this wrong.”

 stolen flag

Green Bay PD Members replace stolen flag for the widow of a WWII veteran – photo via GBPD

The post has been shared 24,000 times, with 8,864 shares. Some of the comments have been heartwarming. The widow has not been identified. One comment from the widows’ granddaughter Susan Llamera read,

This is a big thank you from her oldest granddaughter and family in Florida it means so much to us that are so far away and feel helpless. Your dedication and generosity to my grandmother is greatly appreciated. My grandpa was a great man and the flag is a way she honors him. And for the one that stole the flag shame on you to do this.

Bernice King wrote,

Thank you is so little a payment to your grandpa for his courageous actions and service to our grateful Nation. Greatest Generation. How sad this is the most disrespectful generation. How blatantly someone stole the flag. But they can’t possess it’s meaning or the love that put that flag up. ✝????????????????

Pat Storm wrote,

This brings great sadness to me – first this gentleman is a WWII veteran – and has recently passed – second of all – the American flag is a symbol of freedom, patriotism, and sacrifice———– thank you Green Bay Police Department for your respect for this veteran – I do say to the individual that stole the flag – this is despicable and cowardly! God Bless the USA –

It is wonderful to know that there are compassionate officers who honor our veterans. Thank you, Officers Ecke, Thorseson, Lt. Strouf and Capt. Muraski.