The Plot to Smear Julian Assange

By Faye Higbee

Wikileaks posted a thread from a Reddit user who started checking on the latest accusations against Assange. That reader states it’s a plot by people connected to Hillary Clinton to destroy Assange with accusations of pedophilia and taking money from Russia. Is the connection to Democrats real or coincidence?

Wikileak’s Julian Assange has been at the Ecuadorian embassy since he sought refuge there in 2010. Last Saturday, they cut off his internet at the behest of John Kerry, who threatened them.

Assange was accused of rape in 2010, and was facing extradition to Sweden. He denied those allegations, and after exhausting his legal options, ended up being granted asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in London. He has been there ever since. But recently new allegations surfaced that were found to be false.

Child Molester!

One of the Democrats’ favorite tactics is to accuse a man of sexual misconduct because it draws the media like sharks to blood in the water. But did they do this one?

T&C gained status at the UNGC because they claimed to have worked for women’s rights. When that was found to be bogus, they were kicked out of the organization.

Coincidences mount up:

The fictitious business

The accusation stemmed from an online dating website called, which claimed that Assange helped “groom” an 8 year old Canadian girl who was on vacation in the Bahamas in September.

This is a pdf of the email exchange between Wikileaks and

RT reported,

T&C claimed Assange contacted them offering to promote KATIA, an anti-rape project for online dating, but WikiLeaks’ account and copies of emails contradict this.

WikiLeaks say T&C contacted Assange’s lawyer in September, offering Assange $1 million to appear in an ad for the dating agency. WikiLeaks’ legal team responded with a request for more information. The agency detailed an agreement and said the million dollars was from the Russian government.

It also required Assange to send the following tweet as part of the deal, “@realdonaldtrump @jamiedimon @natrothschild1 Go to on Nov 7. Noon. Putin will be live. #brexitneverhappened”

Assange’s legal team rebuffed the offer describing it as an “elaborate scam designed to entrap Mr. Assange’s reputation into unwanted and unwarranted publicity.”

T&C coincidences

All of the information from was fabricated. The liberal Daily Kos fell for it at first, then deleted their blog post when they learned it was fake news. “I’ve deleted the post because the evidence was fabricated.” 

Not only was their story a fraud, but their very existence is a fraud. has no members, no employees, and did not exist prior to 2015. And they have “gone dark.”

The address mixup

The address T&C claimed to occupy is also an old address for a company called “Premise Data Corporation.” That company was founded by David Soloff. They moved from that address reportedly in 2015.

Soloff responded to a Twitter user’s remark about ToddandClare: “We control all the drones in the world, so we will send them to all the Redditors…”

As soon as the exchange ended, Soloff turned his feed to private. He claims that the photo he had taken with Hillary means nothing, and that his company does not have any political affiliation.

But… who is on the board with Mr. Soloff at that “intelligence” company? Larry Summers, who is connected to the Clinton Machine and listed in numerous Wikileaks emails. Coincidence, right?

An old address is not enough to legally connect the Clinton Campaign to the T&C company.  The attempt to place Julian Assange as a Russian spy with pedophilia as well is a definite fraud, and proven by the email exchanges. The Democrats? Are just things that make you go hmmm.