Pittsburgh Mayor Proposes “Assault Weapons Ban” in Violation of State Law

pittsburgh mayor

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, city council members, and Governor Tom Wolf proposed a ban on semi-automatic rifles and pistols, certain ammunition and accessories within the city limits at an event on Friday. The proposal is illegal, not to mention unconstitutional, but the Mayor believes cities should “ignore” the law.

The problem is Pennsylvania’s “pre-emption” law. It states: “No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.”

Democrat Lawlessness

The Daily Caller reported,

Friday, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto held a press conference to propose a trio of anti-gun city ordinances that, if enacted, would constitute a direct violation of Pennsylvania’s state firearms preemption law and Pennsylvania Supreme Court precedent. At the event, Peduto was joined by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who benefitted from $500,000 in spending from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety during his 2018 re-election bid, and City Council members Corey O’Connor and Erika Strassburger.

Not content to spearhead his own city’s violation of state law, Peduto called for municipalities throughout the country to ignore state statutes duly enacted by their residents’ elected representatives. A press release from the mayor’s office chronicling the conference explained, “Mayor Peduto has asked cities around the country to support Pittsburgh’s measures and/or introduce similar legislation to create nationwide momentum behind the critically needed gun changes.” 

The plan to ban “commonly used” semi-automatic “assault weapons” has been tried in numerous left-wing states, and not yet taken up by the Supreme Court, which has left the bans in place.

The NRA is planning to initiate a challenge as soon as the proposal is introduced. The proposal not only bans “assault weapons,” but even machine guns that are lawfully registered according to the National Firearms Act. It also proposes the infamous “Red Flag Law” which allows confiscation of firearms without due process based solely on the word of a relative or law enforcement officer.

The left-leaning Allentown Morning Call newspaper issued an op-ed calling for passage of the proposal, saying that the “time has come.”

The time has come for something, but not for destruction of the Second Amendment.  None of these proposals sweeping the country will ever stop mass shootings.  But until Americans realize the true issue of why we have a Second Amendment, these egregious violations of the constitution will continue. Molon Labe.