Kentucky Woman Denies Attacker His Prize

By Faye Higbee

Kentucky Woman Denies Attacker His Prize

According to an article in WAVE3, a woman in Louisville, Kentucky was stalked by a man with a knife. He followed her into the elevator to the parking garage, and as she started to get into her car, he accosted her …so she shot him. It’s not the only time a robber or stalker or rapist has met with the point of a gun, whether a state has the Castle Doctrine or not.

“If this man is robbing her, he has hit her, he has a knife to her throat, she has every right in the world to shoot him…If you’re in your home or your vehicle and someone is invading your home or your vehicle, you have the right repel that invasion with deadly force.” Louisville attorney Brian Butler

The attacker followed the victim into the elevator- but there was a surprise in her purse. There were no security cameras recording the robbery attempt. Screenshot

The woman in question was leaving work when a man followed her into the parking garage elevator.  As she reached her car, he put a knife to her throat and demanded money. But when she reached into her purse, she brought out a gun instead of her wallet. Bam! She immediately called police as the attacker ran from the scene bleeding.

Officers found him and he was transported to a local hospital. He now faces charges of robbery and assault. His injuries were not life-threatening. The names have not been released.

The trend

Increasingly, people are fighting back at thugs who attempt to victimize them. Whether the person is intent on robbing or rape or just attacking at random for kicks, there appears to be a trend  toward protecting themselves. Carrying a weapon is the best defense available- in spite of what liberals continually harp about.

What’s in her purse?