Pipe Bomb Found at RNC Headquarters in DC, Suspicious Pkg at DNC

By Faye Higbee

As if Wednesday wasn’t chaotic enough in Washington DC, at least one pipe bomb, possibly two were found at Republican National Headquarters, and a suspicious package was found at Democrat National Headquarters. Both the RNC and DNC are just a short distance from the Capitol. The bombs were destroyed and the suspicious package has not been identified. (MassLive) (Washington Times)

RNC staff were evacuated, as were DNC members. Another device was reportedly found inside the Capitol complex and detonated safely, but the reports are conflicting about how many devices and where.

(Note: Harmeet K. Dhillon is a Republican lawyer and RNC official.)

(Note: Michael Ahrens is the GOP Communications Director.)

A woman who was shot in the neck during the chaos has died, according to reports. The details of that situation are few and far between. She was wearing a Trump banner around her neck when she was shot. (khon2)

None of this sounds even a tiny bit like Trump supporters. Antifa, yes. It’s their M.O. for sure. Leaving pipe bombs around the area is part and parcel for how they do things, not Trump supporters. Every other Trump rally has been peaceful until today – and that says a lot. Except that no one is listening, folks.


This all smacks of a calculated attempt to blame Donald Trump for “attempting a coup.” Ilhan Omar has claimed she is already drawing up articles of impeachment, while others are calling for the President’s removal under the 25th Amendment. Will Pence go along with that plan? All bets are off at this point. The swamp, the enemies of America appear to be winning.

pipe bomb

Many of the radical Congress members are also turning against those who declared their intent to object to the electoral college. Then there are those who are blaming the Metro Police as well.

If you thought the chaos of this day was bad, just wait. The leftists now have leverage they will exploit and already are doing so.

Shutdown DC, if you remember is an ‘anti-fascist’ group that went to Sentor Hawley’s residence on Monday. They’re blaming him too, by the way.

Twitter locked President Trump’s account for 12 hours. Why? Because everyone in the swamp and beyond it is blaming him for this day. His frustration level must be horrific. Antifa is claiming that the Trump supporters are framing them. It’s a giant cluster.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter

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