Pickup Smashes Into Fox News Affiliate in Dallas, TX

fox news affiliate

A man drove his pickup into the Fox News Affiliate Building in Dallas, Texas at around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, damaging the windows. The man exited his truck and “started ranting.”

Michael Chadwick Fry was in what Dallas police described as an “agitated mental state.” He placed boxes of papers around the front of the building and then promptly scattered them all through the parking area. He took one of the papers and pushed it up against the window, shouting “high treason.”

The newsroom was evacuated, and reporters were broadcasting from what they described as a “secure location.” The bomb squad arrived due to a suspicious bag left at the scene. No explosives were found in the bag.

The papers were covered with ramblings about law enforcement, an officer-involved shooting, and a ranger being “payed off.”

The Fox4 building was cleared by authorities and employees returned about two hours after the incident. Michael Fry is being charged with “Criminal Mischief.”