Pharmaceutical Company used to be “ISIS” but now…

By Faye Higbee

Pharmaceutical company used to have the name ISIS, but has now changed it…gee wonder why?

The obvious need for a change

The company which develops life-saving medicines has (finally) changed its name to Ionis Pharmaceuticals. But they used to be ISIS. Apparently it didn’t work so well after the vicious Islamic terrorist group came on the scene.

“Our goal is to create medicines that will save patients’ lives, and we are proud to be at the forefront of creating innovative medicines. We decided to change our company name because, when people see or hear our name, we want them to think about the life-saving medicines we are developing.” Lynne Parshall, CEO

pharmaceutical company

The ISIS- now IONIS – Pharmaceutical company corporate heaquarters

What’s in a name?

A quick search for the stock history of the pharma company  didn’t reveal much of a downturn in prices during 2013, 2014 when ISIS popped into the scene. But their name would give anyone pause about taking their medications- um, Isis? The folks who ruthlessly murder and behead people?  It was past time for a name change.


Note the pyramid on their previous logo- a reference to the Egyptian deity Isis

In actuality they named their firm in 1991, long before the Islamic State mess came out. They chose the name Isis, more than likely because Egyptian mythology holds the Isis goddess as the one who brought life back to the dead Osiris. Their stated value of being dependable for medications to save lives probably seemed like a good fit.

“We know that sick people depend on us.”(from their website)

Before the Islamic killers, anyway.


The firm has plans to rename their website Their company will trade on the Nasdaq under the name IONS, effective December 22.

It’s a good plan.  Being associated with murdering Islamic terrorists in any way would cause people to associate their business with death instead of life. And that’s not a good thing for a drug manufacturer…