Perspective on Syria: Let’s Fight for Our Veterans Here FIRST

By Rick Ferran

The perspective on Syria from some veterans sheds light on the history and some of the Kurdish groups that the media is harping about. Rick took to a video to explain it all with the help of a post by John Tobin. (See below). Can’t we fight for our own veterans here at home before spending trillions overseas on “useless wars?”

Tobin wrote a post on Facebook that explains a few things. It reads, in part:

“You can’t tell the players without a scorecard, the  map below shows the area occupied by the Kurds over the centuries. Now if you look at the Syrian/Turkey/Iraq border area, that southeast area of Turkey is now mostly flooded by the Ataturk Dam Project, you will see few roads, few towns. Few areas to stage a campaign against the Kurds in Iraq.

Now there are four different Kurdish groups, we will work on two, the Peshmerga, our allies, over 60,000 strong well equipped, extremely well led, and superbly trained by the “Quiet Professionals” of the US Army Special Forces, and who President Trump will continue to supply and support, even with air cover, if necessary. They are allied with the Syrian Defense Force, and they will probably work together, surrendering Syrian land, if necessary, and moving East back to their homeland.

The other group, mostly concentrated in eastern and southeastern Turkey are the PKK, a Marxist/ Maoist group who have been on the US and world Terrorist list since at least the mid 1980s, they have been the PROVOS, Bader-Meinhof, Japanese Red Army, Black September like group of Turkey blowing up civilians, murdering etc. They are not our friends and allies. They are the Turkish target, oh and the Syrians are also in that area, so if Turks and Syrians murder each other off, don’t cry for me Argentina.

Now if the Congress wants to do the right thing and establish a formidable ally, who would gladly work with our Israeli, Jordanian, Azerbijanis and other allies in the area, they will petition the UN, ok, you have to check the box, and help the Kurds establish, Kurdistan, and announce to all comers that they are our friends and allies, Iran would go berserk, but then again how many more times can they scream “Death to America.”

For those who are upset and displaying their drama queen opinions over Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria…Please spare me your hypocrisy!!!

As to the words of our US Special Forces Soldier mentioned in the tweet in the video “I am ashamed for the first time in my career,” no one takes in consideration that these supposed words were anonymous and pushed by the same Media that lies to us every damn day.

But I respectfully respond: So, you weren’t ashamed when we lost brave men in Extortion 17: SEAL Team Six, one of the Deadliest Days of the U.S. War in Afghanistan? You weren’t ashamed when Obama pulled us out of Iraq? Or when the Benghazi Attack  happened? Were you ashamed when they tried to Court Martial an innocent Navy Seal by the name of Eddie Gallagher and put him in prison on fake charges?

I could go on and on but I digress. You know why I am ashamed? I am ashamed that our country refuses and finds excuses to not take care of our own heroes when they come home broken.

I am ashamed that we have spent over 8 trillion dollars of our own children’s future and have not a damn thing to show for it.

I am ashamed that we have yet to take care of all of our Veterans and thousands are still dying without ever receiving the proper compensation and that ‘best healthcare’ they deserve.

How many more of our bravest should die to continue pushing wars that never bring victory? Please tell the Kurds and any ally in this infested region, that our toll of sacrifice has been more than paid in full for generations to come. They received billions in support in return, not only from the ground troops but from the sky. We gave them all the tools necessary to fight at our side against an equal enemy. No one even remembered we had troops in the region.

Just two days ago everyone was arguing about black faces and ok emojis. I guarantee that most people in America who want troops in Syria can’t even pinpoint where exactly Syria is on the map or who the hell are the Kurds.

What a hypocrisy I have to deal with when we lose a brave hero, and seldom does it ever get any media attention.  Most people will never remember his name.

Again, we do not owe anything to anyone.The only people we owe our debt to are those who still living and waiting hopelessly for our own Country to take care of them.

Every Veteran today should stand together in unity against the continued failure of our government to take care of our Veterans. Imagine what we could accomplish. We should stop fighting for globalists and their agenda and fight for our own brothers and sisters here at home.


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