Person of Interest Developed in Nashville Explosion

By Faye Higbee

Word has come in that investigators are thinking that the person of interest the Nashville explosion may have been killed in the blast that devastated 41 businesses, including an AT&T building. They have not officially named the person of interest, but CBS and others have released the name. There are 500 leads to be investigated, but investigators believe that are currently “no active threats” to the city of Nashville. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis unit is participating in the investigation.

UPDATE: Authorities say that the tissue found at the scene belongs to the person of interest, Anthony Quinn Warner.

The home of person of interest Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, in Antioch, TN was searched by police today ( Antioch is a suburb of Nashville. Though the house was transferred to a woman’s name previously, Warner’s RV was still there up to a couple of days prior to the explosion. According to Heavy, Warner was an electric technician by trade, single, and a loner.

Massive impact on communications

AT&T was severely impacted by the Nashville explosion, as their building was a communications hub for several areas. The blast knocked out cell phone communications (fiber optics) in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama, as well as police communications, and military bases in the area.

AT&T outage map showing affected areas

We continue to make progress in our restoration following this devastating explosion. We are completing our work as quickly and as safely as possible. We are beginning to restore power to the facilities in the building after connecting generators through the walls. We are hopeful this equipment may be back online in the hours ahead.  We worked with the Fire Marshal and local officials to ensure this was done safely.

We are pleased to report that we have restored much of the mobility services that were affected in the Lexington, Kentucky area.  We will continue to bring more areas back online as quickly as possible. In Nashville, we have deployed more than 6 portable cell sites to aid in communication including for restoration teams and first responders. We have additional assets in route for deployment in the region.

AT&T Nashville Dec 26, 2020.


As six officers approached the RV, they heard the recording, music, and the countdown within it. They ran toward danger to evacuate the people in the immediate area. They are being hailed as heroes.

Nashville police photos left to right top row: Brenna Hosey, James Luellen, Michael Sipos. Bottom row: Amanda Topping, James Wells, Timothy Miller

There very well could have been a large number of casualties if these 6 officers had not run toward danger.


Photo: Google Maps of Anthony Warner’s house in Antioch, TN

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