Perseverance Mars Rover Landing Is Another Giant Leap for Mankind. Leftists Hate It. They Hate Everything.


Leftists were on target to be nasty over the historic landing of the Perseverance Mars Rover on the surface of Mars. No, it wasn’t the first rover to land there, but it was the heaviest, most high tech rover that landed in a dangerous spot of territory called Jezero Crater. And the landing was flawless.

Anywhere indeed. Perseverance Mars Rover landed as though it knew exactly how to do it…uh, it did. The Rover had to pick a specifc spot to land without hitting the cliffs or rocks on the crater. The Jezero Crater is a treacherous landing spot, where scientists beieve there was once a lake about the size of Lake Tahoe. It has steep cliffs and abundant rocks – navigating a landing there had the JPL and NASA holding their breath.

They are hoping to find evidence of ancient life forms in the crater. The Rover is also carrying Ingenuity- a specialized helicopter created to fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars. If Ingenuity flies, a breakthrough in technology is on the table. They are using it as a demonstration of the first powered, controlled flight on another planet. It may be able to take actual color photos on its flights.

The scientific instruments on the rover include a camera designed to take high-definition video, panoramic color and 3D images of the Martian surface and features in the atmosphere with a zoom lens to magnify distant targets, a group of sensors to measure weather and monitor dust on the planet’s surface, a system that will be used to produce oxygen from the Martian carbon-dioxide atmosphere, an x-ray and camera system that can measure the chemical makeup of rocks and analyze features as small as a grain of salt, a ground-penetrating radar system to analyze geologic features under Mars’ surface, a group of cameras, spectrometers, and a laser to search for organics and minerals as well as take clse up images of rock grains and surface textures, and a camera to identify the chemical composition of rocks and soils, including their atomic and molecular makeup.


Two children who wrote essays on the Perseverance Mars Rover were interviewed on camera at the JPL just prior to the landing. Both expressed excitement for their future in the space industry. Bringing inspiration to countless children is part of the plans at NASA. Those kids’ essays were carried aboard Perseverance Mars Rover on its journey, along with the names of 10.9 million people stenciled into three silicon chips with the words “Explore as one.”

Naturally, there were detractors, these are only a couple of examples:

Would be better taking it out if the military budget rather than the programs that are responsible for many modern technologies. Also the people who work at NASA don’t study about ending world hunger, they study math, physics, materials, and design. @FernyxTweets

Imagine all of that money, energy, resources, and brain power to ending poverty in the world. Houston, last person was lifted out of poverty . Repeat no more poverty… Then they stand and cheer. Weee! Wow my dreams for a better world are more outlandish than landing on Mars. @OptimalReport

The naysayers always want to tear down the accomplishments of others, just like they did with Trump. It i s unclear whether Biden will dump the Mars program or destroy their mission as his former boss Obama did. But for now, this accomplishment serves as inspiration for a new generation.


Featured photo: artists conception of the landing

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