Perpetual Wars – A Marine Veteran Sounds Off

By Rick Ferran

I do find it ironic that those who claim to love our Veterans and our heroes sit here today and want to support the perpetual wars in the Middle East while more of our brothers and sisters lose their lives. For what?

Perpetual Wars

Then you have the audacity to cry about the useless ROE’s that our Military has to abide by. You want to cry about the false accusations & charges made to some of the bravest in our special teams, who after fighting twenty something years overseas, come home and have defend their sacrifice to suits in DC who never once cared for them?

You want to complain about the lack of resources our Veterans have? The never ending lines at the VA Hospitals and the poor treatment our Veterans receive?

You want to complain about illegals receiving benefits that should be marked for veterans treatment and free healthcare when our our Veterans are dying homeless in our streets? You want to do 22 push ups and cry about the 22 suicides a day and how important it is to reach out to our brothers and sisters?

What a filthy hypocrisy that these same people are motivated by the words of RINO Lindsey Graham and others who have no right to push for endless wars.

You want to complain about our debt and high taxes and where’s the money going, while these corrupt politicians get richer? The endless corruption by the pedophiles in charge of our government and you sit here and wish for them for our very best to continue do their bidding?

I don’t fear war, I fear the endless wars for globalists to push their agenda, to send our very best to die for no cause, no glory & no victory. I have finally realized they have done this so our young warriors won’t ever fight against them here.

You obviously have no idea about the history of this region with their thousands of endless wars. We should have never been there in the first place. President Donald Trump is “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” for his decisions.

Should Donald Trump stay in wars created by the previous, most corrupt administration, or get our men and women out safely? Have you forgotten that the last admin helped make the place worse? They armed and trained our enemies, creating vacuums for the rise of ISIS. And what about the Kurds you ask? What about them?

From perpetual wars to civil war?

How about our own American citizens? We have a silent civil war brewing here at home and it’s our own citizens that must be rescued. You want war? Hillary Clinton is talking about destroying our Constitution to remove our President. There are sightings of UN troops on our own soil. The Marine Corps has activated the reserves as of Oct 3rd in what may or may not be a normal action for humanitarian aid.

We clearly have enemies here at home working every day to take the power of the people by trying to impeach a sitting, duly elected President. Those same people want us busy fighting someone else’s wars so we don’t fight them here at home. If you want war, don’t worry, soon enough you will get your wish. GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

Bring all of our troops home until we can put our veterans first!


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