Perm University Mass Shooting: Russia

Yes, liberals, mass shootings happen in other countries besides the US. At Perm University in Russia on Sunday, a mass shooting left at least 6 people dead, and 28 injured. The original story stated 8 people were killed. The suspect is believed to be a student.

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The weapon used in the perm university shooting was thought to be a gun created to fire non-lethal plastic or rubber projectiles and modified to shoot real bullets. AP reported that the weapon may have been a shotgun. Since it’s Russia, we may never know the exact weapon used.

The video posted on Twitter showed panicked students jumping out of windows to escape the gunfire.

During the attack, students and staff at Perm State University locked themselves in rooms, and video posted on Russian news sites showed some students jumping out of second-story windows.

In some footage, a black-clad, helmeted figure could be seen striding on a campus sidewalk cradling a long-barreled weapon. Russia’s Investigative Committee, the country’s top body for criminal probes, said the gunman fired a smoothbore hunting weapon. That could indicate he used a shotgun.

The Investigative Committee said six people were killed, revising down its earlier figure of eight dead. No explanation was given for the change.

A traffic police unit was the first to reach the scene, and the suspect opened fire on them, according to the Interior Ministry. He was wounded when police returned fire and then was disarmed, the ministry said. The gunman also was armed with a knife, it said.

Associated Press
Photo of suspect in Perm University shooting- screenshot via Twitter

The shooter is believed to have had no religious or political motives. The shooter was also hospitalized after Russian police shot him. His condition is unknown.

We have written before about the restrictive Russian firearms laws. Permits can be obtained for hunting. The liberal narrative that mass shootings only happen here in the United States is consistently wrong. But with the proliferation of anti-gun groups, that knowledge is often buried.


Featured photo: screenshot via video from Twitter

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