Pentagon Police Officer Killed In Incident Near DoD Headquarters

Faye Higbee

A stabbing and shooting incident on the platform at the Pentagon Transit Center left a Pentagon Police Officer dead and briefly placed a lockdown at 11:a.m. on the Pentagon itself. Though the lockdown was lifted, no information was given by the Pentagon Protection Agency, who wouldn’t confirm even the officer’s death.

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It began as a stabbing attack on the police officer, according to news media, and left multiple casualties (the definition of multiple is unclear at this point). It is unclear at this time whether or not it is terrorist related. The fact that gunfire was involved and some heard multiple gunshots makes the incident unclear. And authorities aren’t talking.

An officer died after being stabbed on Tuesday during a burst of violence at a transit station outside the #Pentagon, and a suspect in the incident was shot by law enforcement and died at the scene, officials said…

More details about the violence were expected at a Pentagon news conference. The connection between the shooting and the stabbing of the officer was not immediately clear. The authorities did not immediately provide details or the sequence of events.

The incident occurred on a Metro bus platform that is part of the Pentagon Transit Centre, according to the Pentagon Protection Force Protection Agency. The facility is just steps from the Pentagon building, which is in Arlington County, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.

The Hindu media

”This morning at about 10:37 a.m., a Pentagon police officer was attacked on the Metro Bus platform. Gunfire was exchanged. And there were — there were several casualties. The incident is over, the scene is secure and — most importantly — there’s no continuing threat to our community. There were a number of people that fled and there were some erroneous reports.

The situation has been resolved but the investigation must continue.”

Pentagon Police Chief

The suspect was likely killed by police, which is what other media are reporting.

The law enforcement processional had the streets lined with police as the officer’s body was transported to the coroner’s office.

Across town on the National Mall, Capitol Police officers on motorcycles led a ceremonial procession, passing by saluting law enforcement officers from Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and other police departments, to honor the Pentagon police officer reportedly wounded earlier — though the Pentagon wouldn’t confirm his injuries. ABC

Arlington Fire and EMS stated that there were multiple victims. (NFI means No Further Information)

The government agency’s response to this incident is murky and leaves a myriad of questions. Who was the suspect? Was there more than one suspect? Motive? Names? As soon as we are able to find out more information, we will let you know.


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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