Pennsylvania Woman Gets Ticket for Driving Car Alone. Ted Cruz: “We Don’t Live in a Police State!”

By Faye Higbee

Our personal freedoms have been decimated by this coronavirus situation, and Senator Ted Cruz had something to say about it. A Pennsylvania woman was pulled over by Pennsylvania State police and given a ticket for refusing to follow Governor Tom Wolf’s stay at home order. Texas Senator Ted Cruz – who is an attorney by trade – was quick to remind people that her action was not a public health threat.

The Pennsylvania State Police stated that they just “encourage people” to stay home. Encourage with a citation?

PennLive wrote:

The York County woman told Pennlive that she plans to fight the citation. No other action was filed against her in connection with the vehicle code violation, according to online court records.

The statute under which she was cited is one that was mentioned in guidance to police agencies in relation to businesses that weren’t complying with orders to close.

That statute applies to “any person who violates any of the provisions” of the governor’s orders under the Pennsylvania Disease Control and Prevention Law of 1955.

Have we become something out of an episode of Twilight Zone? The code on the ticket has nothing to do with driving a car by herself on a road. The Pennsylvania woman was in no way a health threat.

So what should we do to resist the authoritarian actions that Senator Ted Cruz is talking about? What is to become of the United States when the virus has been conquered – can we return to our way of life as before?

Ted Cruz spoke of the Democrats. Already Democrat Governor Newsom in California openly stated that this pandemic is a time to re-imagine a new “progressive” era (Washington Examiner). Political opportunities “imagined” by Democrats in the midst of an international disaster.

Is part of that imagining just randomly pulling people over for going for a drive by themselves? Does that meet the intent of that 1955 law? No. According to the Daily Caller, the trooper who puled her over said the original violation was a taillight infraction (for which she was NOT cited.). Her father checked the taillight when she arrived home and there was nothing wrong with it.

Yes, there is a rampant disease among us, but are the draconian steps taken to stop it going to cause ripple effects through our future? I’ll submit that the people who are exercising rigid power over Americans will have serious difficulty relinquishing that power when this is “over.”


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