Pelosi Puts Swalwell Back on Homeland Security Committee After Scandal With Chinese Spy.

In the world of great ideas, this one is a lulu – Speaker Nancy Pelosi put Eric Swalwell back on the Homeland Security Committee after the scandal of his relationship with a Chinese Spy. Great idea, no? No. Not smart at all.

Pelosi also made him an “impeachment manager” – pretty good for a Trump-hater. No such thing as ‘fair and balanced’ with Democrats.

As we all know, Eric Swalwell mentioned using a nuclear weapon against American citizens who stand for the 2nd amendment. He’s a rabid (and we mean rabid) anti-gunner. He loudly accused Roger Stone of being a traitor during the Mueller investigation. But it’s the Chinese spy scandal that should have stopped Nancy from appointing him to those committees.

Roger Stone had this to say:

So, in spite of the scandal, in spite of the potential disaster, Nancy Pelosi put Eric Swalwell on the Homeland Security committee. Where he will be privy to classified information.

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell is joining the House Committee on Homeland Security one month after it was revealed he was targeted by a suspected Chinese spy

…“My committee memberships — along with my experience as a prosecutor and as the son and brother of law enforcement officers — will give me a unique opportunity to delve into one of America’s most serious national security threats,” Swalwell wrote.

Members of the committee are responsible for oversight of the US Department of Homeland Security and the nation’s security legislation.

Swalwell also still sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

New York Post

Eric Swalwell is one of the delusional Democrats who think that the only real threat to Homeland security is “white nationalism.” What about leftist extremists who destroy? They were the ones who rampaged through our cities all summer long. There are extremists on all sides out there, and ignoring one at the expense of another is a royal mistake.

What about foreign interference? Swalwell’s relationship to Christine Fang doesn’t seem to count. He was totally duped by a “honey trap” Chinese spy who abruptly fled back to China. He and several other politicians, that is. We wrote about that previously.

The best tweet was this one:

“Replying to @RepSwalwell and @HomelandDems当一个字面上的中国间谍负责你的竞选资金时, 我们怎么能认真对待这一点呢?更别提你有过的任何私人关系了。Translated from Chinese — How can we take this seriously when a literally Chinese spy is in charge of your campaign funds? Not to mention any personal relationships you have ever had.4:41 AM · Jan 16, 2021·Twitter Web App@ChloeChloeChl19

So WHY would Nancy Pelosi assign a possible security risk to both the House Intelligence Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee? Both of those appointments are extremely sensitive in nature.

Because Democrats do not really care about America. They care about control.


Featured photo: screenshot of Swalwell and the Chinese Spy, Christine Fang

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