Pelosi Power Grab Foments Rebellion

Faye Higbee

The Pelosi power grab has fomented a rebellion in the ranks of Congress, even in both houses. Let’s be blunt: 1) Americans in particular are sick of wearing masks, or 2) other Americans are so fearful they’re terrified of catching the Big C and walk around with masks on their faces inside, outside, every side. Here’s a hint: if we live our lives in fear, then our quality of life goes down the tubes. And the fear-mongering government from Pelosi, Biden and even the CDC is making it worse than it needs to be by flip-flopping on masks.

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The Pelosi power grab was obvious when she imposed a mask mandate on the House of Representatives and threatened members of the House and visitors with arrest if they didn’t comply. The Capitol Police said there is no reason it should ever come to arrest, people will just be asked to leave without one. The Senate does not have a mask rule. Senator Cruz went on the offense, as did some members of the House.

“If you want to understand how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, look no further than the other chamber in the United States Capitol. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is drunk on power.”

Senator Ted Cruz
All Twitter screenshots courtesy of Doug Giles at ClashDaily

Then there’s the CDC, which continues to flip-flop on whether to wear a mask or when to wear one when vaccinated, even whether it’s effective. Which it is not. And with Pelosi’s edict, the rebellion against the ‘science’ and the tyrants has only just begun.

Hopefully this anger will not be contained to Twitter. If the people who made strong statements will translate it to action in the Congress, there is hope to stop the Pelosi power grab. If they leave it to social media, nothing will change.


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