Patriotic Americans Remember 9-11-2001

Faye Higbee

On Saturday, September 11, the Army Black Knights played Western Kentucky on Michie field at West Point. The players took the field carrying the American flag in a patriotic display that left watchers with tears in their eyes. They did it to honor the victims…and heroes of 9-11-2001. There were patriotic Americans across the country today.

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In the wake of the attacks on 9-11, recruiting for the Armed Forces reached a peak. So many patriotic Americans who joined simply wanted to kick the asses of those who murdered nearly 3,000 people. And they did kick their asses. Whether the current White House occupant cares or not is irrelevant – America made the world safer and freer for 20 years. Those actions stand in stark contrast to the left wing radicals who have no sense of honor or respect for those who gave – and still give – their lives to save others.

September 11 is a special day for NASCAR, with specially painted race cars, the names of the victims, and a piece of steel from the World Trade Center on display at Richmond Raceway for the weekend races.

One actor, James Woods, who happened to be on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles one month before the 9-11 attacks, alerted authorities over some Middle Eastern passengers who were not acting normally. Authorities said it was likely a dry run for September 11. Would that other actors and actresses would have such wisdom.

Today, President Trump visited first responders in New York, both FDNY and NYPD. He was greeted with rounds of applause and smiles. Biden’s remarks for this day consisted of a pre-recorded tape.

And finally, some of the Republican members of the Senate came together to share a message on 9-11. While a couple of them are considered RINOs, this day is one to remember for all of us. As we move forward into whatever the future holds for America, as patriotic Americans we must hang together against the forces of evil and stand firm. Our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren depend on it.


Featured photo: Screenshot from West Point football game

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