Patrick Lynch- Is the NYPD Beyond Repair?

By Faye Higbee

Is the NYPD beyond repair? It’s a question posed by Patrick Lynch, President of the NYC Police Benevolent Association after the Chief of Patrol, Fausto Pichardo announced his retirement. The problem may in fact be caused by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s penchant for micromanaging …and ultimately defunding the police.

Is NYPD beyond repair with so many leaving?

The PBA President, Patrick Lynch told Fox:

“This is the highest attrition rate we have seen in over a decade, during a time we are battling enormous spikes in shootings and murders. And thanks to the City Council and Mayor’s ‘Defund the Police’ lunacy, no help is coming any time soon. Our elected leaders need to be held responsible for the dangerous path they’ve chosen.”

According to the figures, “2,385 officers have submitted their retirement papers this year as of Oct. 6 – an 87% increase from the 1,274 retirements reported during the same period in 2019.   372 others have resigned as of Oct. 6, five more than last year.

The NYPD retirements and resignations from the department came since the city removed $1 Bllion from their budget, and the riots/protests that have been rampant in the city. Calls to defund the police have found a landing spot wtih Mayor de Blasio, who has routinely not been an advocate for his own police department. They feel betrayed and unsupported. Then there’s that micromanaging issue…

Micromanaging the largest police force in the US

Pichardo was the first Dominican to head the Patrol Division and had been on the force for 20 years. He only held the position of Patrol Chief since December 5, 2019. According to a story in the New York Post, a police “source” stated his decision to retire was fueled partly by the NYC Mayor, who continually griped at him for things that should have been taken up by Police Commissioner Shea.

“I think he knew better to call Shea and beat him up, so … he called Pichardo instead, and he had enough. I believe that it was a steady drumbeat that got ‘louder and louder,’ until it ultimately led to his retirement.”  NYPD source to Fox News

Then there was the missed phone call issue, as Pichardo was out on the street for hours, dealing with protests, and missed a call from de Blasio.

“De Blasio routinely loses his s–t about missed phone calls… This is nothing but inappropriate meddling from a person who doesn’t know anything about patrol — even though he has been here for seven years.” Law enforcement source to the NYPost

Micromanaging police officers has one of two repercussions: either the police will get sick of the interference and leave, or they will do something horrific. There are about 34,500 officers left at the NYPD. Yet even small departments hate political interference by people who don’t know WTH they are doing. We hope that Patrick Lynch is wrong and that the NYPD can be repaired. Otherwise the real life version of “Escape from New York” may come to pass.

Featured photo: Screenshot via YouTube of NYPD car during the riots in after the death of George Floyd


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